The Adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records and Ontario Healthcare Practice Environments

The Centre is working with a health industry-funded global start-up company in the Health ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Sector to empirically examine innovationadoption during the implementation of the company's personal health record application into different health systems and practices within Canada.

A Guide to Government Grant Applications

The Canadian Government offers many forms of support to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. However there is no single, easily accessible source of information available to entrepreneurs to be able to determine which funding programs they are eligible for and which programs fit closest to their business. This research, in conjunction with Twothirds Water Inc.

Centre for Operations Excellence Summer Internship Cluster 2013

The COE Summer Internship Cluster consists of seven sub-projects sponsored by six different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor.

Incorporating Same-Day Delivery into Retail Industry

Due to a lack of legitimate case studies exploring the same-day delivery, this internship will help by adding significantly to the body of applied research in this new trend. Courier industry can revamp the practices of "brick and mortar" retailers by convincing them to cover the cost for their customers in return for value-added service. However, no one truly understands the longevity and feasibility of this service aimed to improve customer satisfaction.

Increasing Marketing Campaign Performance Using Influential Users in Social Networks

In recent years, with the emergence of online social networks and the growing interest in genetics and biological networks, the research community has been tasked with analyzing knowledge extracted from multirelational datasets. Such analysis, generally known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), is concerned with the computer aided discovery of useful knowledge in databases. An example of the extracted knowledge would be user interest data which improves the accuracy on viewing and predicting market trends, and allows for enriched customization and customer targeting.

Creative BC: Strategic Design Process Research and Plan Development

Creative BC is an independent provincial agency tasked with overseeing the development and promotion of B.C.’s creative industries. In addition to administering tax credits and providing production support for filmmakers and television producers, it intends to work with the digital media, music and publishing industries to co-develop and implement a strategy for the creative sector. To fulfill its new mandate under the provincial B.C.

Economic benefits of local purchasing

This research project will investigate local economic impacts resulting from municipal government procurement through locally-owned suppliers in comparison to procurement through national or multinational suppliers with local operations. The objective of the project is to determine a BC analysis to quanitify the economic impact of local purchasing decisions.

Ontario Water Asset Map Research Project

The purpose of this research project is to create an existing Asset Map of Ontario’s water technology sector – including innovators, suppliers, researchers, associations and others, in order better understand the networks of innovation and to support WaterTap’s efforts to facilitate the development of innovation networks and advance water technology in Ontario.

Pharmacy Care Health and Wellness Approaches in the Grocery Retail Environment

Health care systems in Canada and countries around the world are challenged by increasing demands for services, while providing those services within fixed health agency budgets. To address these challenges, the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation, Loblaw Company Limited and Green Shield Canada has formed a collaborative partnership.

The Black Experience Project (BEP) in the Greater Toronto Area – Phase 2

This project aims to build on Phase 1 of the The Black Experience Project (BEP) currently being undertaken in the Greater Toronto Area. The multi-year research study that this project will support aims to examine the barriers to success for Black community members living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which have and/ or continue to prevent the GTA’s diverse Black community from attaining their potential success (e.g., to become involved in leadership positions in various sectors including, but not limited to, the public, private, educational, political, legal sectors etc.).