Commercial Mortgage Backed Security Sensitivity Analysis

This work can serve as the foundation of relative value strategies and portfolio sensitivity analysis. This project research on building a strategy for analyzing the sensitivity of mortgage backed securities (MBS) pool pricing to changes in financial market and underlying security characteristics, such as the property value of the underlying real estate. There is a large database including real estate property location, real estate price indices by region and property type, as well as mortgage security pool information.

Governance of Outsourcing – Industry Best Practices


The research focuses on governance in outsourcing relationships While the outsourcing industry grows at double digit rates, satisfaction with outsourcing arrangements could certainly be improved. Often the source of dissatisfaction, governance is a broad term that includes formal issues such as contracts and service level agreements, as well as informal issues such as relationship management and trust. The intention of this research study is to provide participants with a set of best and emerging practices in outsourcing governance.


The purpose of this project is to research and develop a business & technical model for a web-based geo-authenticated public consultation service. Combining methodologies from social media, e-commerce & community consultation, this project will analyze best practices in each area to determine the most appropriate model for a scalable platform for targeted community engagement. Qualitative & technical research, in addition to a beta site evaluation at the City of Vancouver, will be conducted to provide the basis for developing the final report and prototype model.