Photocatalytic degradation of textile dye wastewater using solar energy

Dye wastewaters from textile industries is toxic and often causes serious environmental damage. In this study, an eco-friendly photocatalytic degradtion process which involves the use of a Ag-ZnO catalyst and solar energy will be used to degrade toxic dyes. Therefore, the main objectives of my reserch over the three month period will be to synthesize a solar active photocatalyst and optimizing the photocatalytic degradation process to treat textile dye wastewater. The findings from this research will assist textile industries to meet the wastewater discharge standards.

Structural Health Monitoring of Rebecca Street Bridge

Cole Engineering Group Ltd. is conducting rehabilitation for the Rebecca Street Bridge (William Anderson Bridge) located in the Town of Oakville. The four-lane steel girder bridge with a composite concrete deck was constructed in 1961 over the Sixteen Mile Creek. The bridge also spans over Water Street, parking lots and a rowing club storage facility. Ryerson University, along with a graduate student proposes to engage in the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of the Rebecca Street Bridge using the MIRA 3D Shear Wave Tomographer.

High-frequency monitoring of the start-up and temperature impacts of a biofilm-enhanced

Lagoons are the most popular wastewater treatment technology in Canada with hundreds of installations across the country. Most of these systems will require upgrades in order to increase their treatment capacity or to comply with new regulations such as the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations registered by the Government of Canada. Bionest is developing at the present time the BIONEST KAMAKTM technology to enhance lagoon capacity.

Approche empirique à la calibration d’un modèle d’élément finis d’une mine en roche dure sous l’effet d’un comportement viscoplastique

L’exploitation d’une mine souterraine est sujette à d’importantes contraintes: l’espace de travail réduit, la distance parfois très élevé au minerai et le besoin de renforcer ou de supporter le massif rocheux. C’est sur ce dernier point que porte la présente recherche. Le choix d’un support de terrain approprié repose avant tout sur la bonne compréhension des contraintes (forces) naturel agissant sur notre excavation et les propriétés de résistance de la roche.

Comparative Building Life-Cycle Performance of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Vs. Wood-Frame Construction Phase I: Energy Performance

ICF construction is an alternative for wood-frame construction for residential buildings which potentially has higher energy performance compared. However, this potential advantage has to be measured and compared. This study compares the energy performance of residential buildings constructed with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) to those of conventional wood frame buildings in four cities in three different climate zones.

Green Roofs as a Stormwater Management Tool

The intern will undertake a project which analyses several drainage structures of an experimental green roof while developing a numerical model to mimic the experimentally obtained results. In addition, the intern will also be involved in working on an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, and low impact development methods. The partner organization will benefit by having a more effective green roof drainage design developed as well as a numerical model created to simulate the design changes.

Design and Analysis of Disaster Warning and Evacuation Systems Using the Network Modelling Approach

Canada’s West coast is prone to tsunamis induced from local megathrust earthquakes that can be generated from the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ). The main objective of this research is to study, analyze and simulate the current detection, notification and response systems for an earthquake and resulting tsunami and develop a comprehensive solution using the network modelling approach to mitigate the impact of future disasters. We will use the results and inferences derived from a tornado mitigation analysis to conduct this research.

An assessment of agricultural stream designs used in maintenance operations in Quebec

In agricultural watersheds, many meandering rivers were straightened and several rectilinear ditches were added to the drainage network in order to evacuate water as quickly as possible in the spring to improve farm productivity. The design of these modified channels was not based on natural river dynamic concepts, which include both discharge capacity and sediment transport, and thus need to be maintained frequently as they tend to adjust by eroding their banks and returning to a sinuous pattern.

Caractérisation des propriétés thermomécaniques (TM) d’enrobésspéciaux incorporant des matériaux recyclés provenant de lasidérurgie en vue de leur optimisation

Dans la perspective de préserver les ressources naturelles non renouvelables et de contribuer concrètement à un développement durable, l’entreprise Bauval travaille assidument à la valorisation de résidus industriels, les scories d’aciérie, comme source de granulat dans la production d’enrobés spéciaux ultra-performants. Quatre (4) enrobés à chaud spéciaux de hautes technologies incorporant des scories sont actuellement disponibles : la famille des enrobés Hi Tech.

Model for implementing and continuously improving the automated change management process for construction mega projects

Current communication means such as; Spreadsheet, the internet and Emails are not good enough when a change happens in a Billion $ oil and gas project where hundreds of technicians, engineers, managers, contractors from various disciplines in different locations are involved. The solution is an automated workflow process. Simply put, workflow is the step-by-step procedure taken to complete a job. An automated workflow is the one in which unnecessary time consuming human tasks is eliminated or changed as an automated machine-based task.