Application testing of onboard respooling and rope handling for use in ropeless fishing

The proposed research will examine potential alternatives for respooling buoy line from trap fishing applications into caged underwater rope enclosures. Previous research conducted for Ashored Innovations found that cage rope enclosures demonstrated the most favorable results for ropeless fishing given the environmental conditions in Atlantic Canadian trap fisheries. However, one major concern highlighted from fishers is the time required to reload the system with buoy line in order to redeploy.

Feasibility Study of High Temperature Pyrolysis for Producing Drop in Diesel quality Fuel

The proposed research investigates an opportunity of developing renewable bio-based diesel fuel as an alternative to petroleum based fuel to lower the emission of greenhouse gases. High temperature pyrolysis of wood chips will be investigated in multi-stage pyrolysis and fluidized bed system and the quality of liquid oil will be compared for diesel substitution.

Modeling atmospheric gas dispersion using computational fluid dynamics – Part 2

Although rare, industrial facilities can suffer from minor to catastrophic failures, commonly referred to as loss of primary containment (LOPC), which can result in the release of hazardous gases and/or liquids. In order to protect the safety of the public, companies must provide a means of mitigating the potential damage to people and the environment.

Development of Advanced Smart Medical Bandage Using Memory Polymeric Film/Yarn Actuator - Year two

Bandages have been used to provide compression therapy to manage chronic venous disorders such as leg ulcers and other muscle related orthopedic issues. They have several major problems such as pressure loss over time, no external pressure control, and no massage benefit which make inefficient treatment. There is an imperious need of any innovation which could solve these practical issues. Based on the applicant’s research expertise, a stimulus responsive smart memory polymeric material is proposed to use as a film/yarn in the bandage to control the pressure externally.

Radio-frequency Thermal Plasma Assisted Solid Waste Conversion to Energy using Thermochemical Process Technology

The field of plastic waste management is essential for sustainable society that utilizes plastic waste for energy production. Land filing and incineration of plastic waste has large environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. Thus, pyrolysis is considered a low environmental impact process with high value end products. RF thermal plasma technology will help reduce operating cost, cleaner thermal source, shorten reaction time and provide high quality hydrocarbon gasoline and diesel.

Use of X-rays as an alternative for fungal and bacterial pathogen control in seeds and stored food

The shortage and quality of food to feed the existing and growing population is an issue of global concern. There is also serious problem with the fungal and bacterial pathogens which result in losses of billions of dollars of annual loss of agricultural products. This project is an attempt to mitigate this with the use of X-ray treatment of seeds and organic products in stead of gamma rays or electron beams of a few MeV energies.

Predicting the Behavior of Loyalty Programs Customers Using Interpretable Patterns Based on Logical Analysis of Data

Aeroplan Inc. ("Aeroplan") , aims to redesign and optimize its loyalty program Aeroplan via a collaboration with Polytechnique Montréal. Customers affiliated with Aeroplan’s program earn miles through their purchases and can exchange these miles for various gifts. It is essential for Aeroplan to predict customers behavior, to define the causes of certain behaviors and to predict the consequences of applying different policies, e.g. offers or gifts value.

Personalized Wealth Management Advisor based on the Analysis of Times Series Related to Financial Transactions

The aim of this research project is to develop innovative tools that will help financial institutions deliver highly personalized services to their customers. We intend to use the most recent advances in statistical learning methods and machine learning algorithms mostly in deep learning, vector embeddings and autoencoders, to leverage the power of time series models by extracting high-level features from both assets and customers’ transactional data.

Robust project scheduling policies for naval refit operations at Thales Group

In large-scale construction projects such as naval refits or aircraft overhauls, project execution is subject to considerable uncertainty and a baseline schedule quickly becomes unachievable.  For naval environments, high variability in work scope and duration occur at every stage.  Furthermore, tools and equipment can fail or not be on-site when needed.  Human resources are drawn from a pool of workers coming from a mix of fixed-capacity-unionized workers and contractors.  To limit the effect of unexpected but inevitable schedule disruptions, resource (equipment and workers) buffers are us

Quality and degradation assessments of polymer-lined thrust bearings by indentation and tribological testing

Current needs for renewable and emission-free technologies imposes hydroelectric power plants to generate power in a predictable and reliable fashion. Replacing metallic to polymeric coatings in thrust bearings allows hydroelectric turbines to operate at a wider range of operation parameters. However, the sensibility of polymeric materials to the manufacturing method imposes important uncertainties on the performance and longevity these materials can have in service conditions.