Tagging and Auto-Captioning of Histopathology Scans for Diagnosis Assistance

Digital pathology uses modern scanners to capture high-resolution images from biopsy samples. Computer algorithms, especially artificial intelligence, can help in automatic searching for similar cases in the archive of hospitals and laboratories. Displaying similar images form the past patients, that have already been diagnosed and treated, can provide useful information to the pathologist to solidify the final diagnosis. These images, however, are very large such that their processing requires smart algorithm to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.

Photometry- and Radiometry-based Precision Agriculture

Labor cost and availability are identified as the biggest challenges facing Canadian agriculture. The DOT Technology Corporation, as part of the SeedMaster, is to create an autonomous power system that acts as a primary locomotion unit for carrying a multitude of farm implements used for seeding, fertilizing, and tilling. This simple autonomous power will enable farmers to employ a number of farm functions through a shared, smaller, and economical locomotion base, called DOT.

Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Irregular Bridges

The current project is designed to assess the level of damage that a realistic irregular bridge will undergo after the occurrence of an earthquake. This study encourages an improved understanding of post-seismic return to service and repair of an irregular bridge. A more sophisticated approach will be used to analyze the complex vibrations of the bridge in response to a seismic excitation and to simulate the progressive collapse of the bridge during an earthquake.

Research for Innovative Mining Methods

Narrow-vein steeply dipping deposits are challenging to mine economically because they are poorly oriented for surface mining, and underground mining normally requires development of extensive underground infrastructure before mining the vein. Memorial University is currently collaborating with Anaconda Mining for the development of innovative narrow-vein mining (NVM) technology to mine several of these deposits currently held by the company e.g. the Romeo & Juliet Deposit.

Improved Thermoplastic to Oil Pyrolysis Process Technology with Advanced Plasma Technology

The field of plastic waste management is essential for sustainable society that utilizes plastic waste for energy production. Land filing and incineration of plastic waste has large environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. Thus, pyrolysis is considered a low environmental impact process with high value end products. RF thermal plasma technology will help reduce operating cost, cleaner thermal source, shorten reaction time and provide high quality hydrocarbon gasoline and diesel.

Maintenance Recommendation - Downtime Adaptive Learning

Time Series is a sequence of records and observations ordered in time. For instance, feedback from a sensor with timestamps can be considered a time series set. Studying Time Series can help with the predicting and understanding of a system and its behaviour. It can also be used to control the mechanism. In the past, data was expensive, and more challenging to process. Fortunately, today there are many sensors and servers which collect and report thousands of measurements. Internet of Things (IoT) produces large amounts of data.

Microbial contamination of TransX diesel fuel tanks.

The TransX Group of Companies is Canada’s largest privately owned transportation company. Its mission is to provide integrated transportation solutions to businesses throughout North America. In the fall of 2017, the Winnipeg office of TransX discovered that diesel fuel tanks for their long-haul refrigeration units contained a sludge-like, microbial biofilm and that the fuel filters from these tanks to the generators running the refrigeration compressors were becoming clogged. Dr. David Levin, in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

Nanotechnology Solving Environmental Protection and Cyber-Physical Security: Smart Power-Grid Application

The ACPS will offer high-reliability and real-time monitoring of the smart-grid infrastructure and the secure CPS will provide secure communication and authentication of the smart-grid devices and components. This results in secure and improved power transmission that can reduce infrastructure maintenance cost for the utility companies and also reduced power-theft attacks from malicious sources. Successful outcome of this project will also reduce cost of power for the end user and benefit the society with secured higher quality of life.

Drying, harvest, and storage conditions of buckwheat hay used for commercial production of rutin

Production of rutin, a high value of nutraceutical, from buckwheat hay in Manitoba has the potential to be much less labour-intensive and inexpensive compared to that produced offshore from other crops. However, the optimum drying condition of buckwheat hay and the relationship among drying conditions, harvest times and the amount of rutin in the dried hay is not known. An inexpensive and faster method to determine the amount of rutin should also be developed for the factory production of rutin.

Development of Advanced Comminution and Gravity Concentration Technologies for Low Water and Energy Consumption

Mineral extraction and processing by mining operations is land, energy and water intensive. Mineral processing is both the single largest end-use of electricity, as well as the most water-intensive stage in the mining value chain. This research will help to tackle the issues of power and water consumption and lead to the development of reductions in land, energy and water intensity at mining operations.