Exploration of preharvest technologies in controlled environment production to improve the postharvest chilling tolerance of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Sweet basil is a leafy, flavourful and fragrant herb commonly used many types of cooking. It has not only nutrient values but also many health benefits. Basil likes warm growing environment; therefore, it is commonly produced in greenhouses in Canada. To keep leafy vegetables fresh, right after harvesting majority of them are normally stored and transported at about 4 ºC. However, basil can quickly become black and not sellable when kept at that temperature. To store and transport basil separately is logistically difficult and costly.

Geomorphic sensitivity of rivers along the Niagara Escarpment to land-use and climate change: Implications for erosion risk in Hamilton, Ontario

The Niagara Escarpment is a dominant natural feature in southern Ontario and provides the region with exceptional sites of natural beauty including numerous waterfalls and exposed rocky cliffs. There is little data on geomorphic characteristics of rivers along the escarpment and their sensitivity to erosion under future land development and climate change. The proposed project aims to assess the sensitivity of rivers in the Hamilton area to erosion and its relationship to the underlying geologic structure of the Niagara Escarpment.

Community-based water quality monitoring program for Halifax Regional Municipality

The community-based water quality program for Halifax Regional Municipality will target 76 lakes in the region to establish a long-term monitoring program to understand the trajectory of freshwater aquatic systems under continued and expanding urbanized influence. This new program will be led by HRM’s Water Program Coordinator with support from the Environment & Climate Change team. Data will be collected by the internship students associated with this project, local community organizations, and local consultants, creating a hybrid model of monitoring.

Assessing sensitivity of subsurface mine-dewatering activities to climate change

Subsurface dewatering is critical to the safe and economic operation of mines. Operational planning for dewatering often necessitates advanced numerical models for accurate prediction and requires a well-defined understanding of the regional geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, and how this influences infiltration of groundwater into mining pits and underground galleries as well as sources of recharge.

Bird and small mammal species composition between hardwood retention forest treatment sites in mixed stands.

Birds and small mammals are essential members in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and rely on complex habitat structure, such as a diverse mixture of trees, understory growth, or open patches. I will be identifying bird and small mammal composition in relation to forest stand complexity across various forest harvesting treatments, such as clear-cut and new partial-cut methods (partial retention/shelterwood) and compare these to mature forest (control) patches.

Broad-scaled Avian Biodiversity Assessment with Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence

Many bird species are highly vocal, and this provides opportunities to monitor avian biodiversity by acoustic surveys. In recent decades, the use of Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs) has gained popularity as a mechanism to census birds through passive acoustic monitoring. Further, automatic algorithms for identifying bird species by their vocalizations have been developed to improve the efficiency and accuracy in analyzing acoustic data. In this project, I will explore the potential applications and limitations of passive acoustic monitoring in avian research.

The Maskinonge Lake Fault in the Michipicoten Greenstone Belt, Ontario: Kinematics, Timing and Controls on Gold Mineralization

The Island Gold mine, owned by Alamos Gold Inc., operates on one of the highest-grade gold deposits in Canada. Many gold deposits, including the Island Gold mine, follow east-west-trending structures, but the northwest-trending Maskinonge Lake Fault, located east of the mine, is uniquely enriched with gold and therefore contradicts this model.

Exploring opportunities and challenges for offshore wind in the Strait Area

The purpose of this study is to identify the opportunities and challenges for offshore wind development in the Strait Area. Onshore wind is an established industry in Nova Scotia. However, there is an increasing interest on the part of large global players in exploring the potential contribution of offshore wind development in the region. The study will look at whether onshore development options have been exhausted or if there remain opportunities for developing cost-effective, socially-acceptable onshore wind installations – specifically in the Strait Area.

Bringing dinosaurs into the 2020s: considering current visitation and future virtual tourism possibilities for the Tumbler Ridge Museum and Geopark (BC)

1) Carry out research on existing and potential visitation to Tumbler Ridge with respect to current offerings and to potential Virtual Tourism Experience (VTE)s. Zhang and Meletis will work to conduct a visitor survey-based project during the summer of 2022. They will generate new demographic profiles and qualitative and quantitative data on tourist motivations, experiences, and preferences. Zhang is an international master’s student with experience in online tourism offerings and business models.

Biochar as a Soil Amendment for Revitalizing Stockpiled Soils and Carbon Sequestration at an Oilsands Lease, Christina Lake, Alberta

Working in partnership with MEG Energy Ltd, the Applied Research Group in Natural Resource Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic will examine biochar’s role in revitalizing stockpiled soils by conducting a three-year assessment of black spruce growth and survival on a disturbed borrow pit site. Biochar is highly regarded for its ability to increase soil productivity due to high carbon content, organic matter volume, porosity, recalcitrance, and adsorptive characteristics.