Logging, Winter Streamflow and Flooding in Twinflower Creek

The livelihood of First Nation communities and local ranchers are primarily depending on cattle raising, yet ongoing salvage logging within the catchment has the potential to compromise the watershed hydrology resulting in higher peak flows and reduced low flows jeopardizing the channel stability, road safety and water availability. The intern will carry out field investigations in recent cutblocks within the watershed during the freshet season to seek linkages between flood risks associated salvage logging.

Développent d’outils innovateurs pour la caractérisation du bois et de la fibre du bois et leur impact sur la rentabilité financière des travaux d’aménagement forestier intensif

L’aménagement forestier intensif est parmi les alternatives pour assurer la pérennité des ressources pour l’industrie forestière. Cependant, peu d’information est disponible sur les effets de ces pratiques sur la qualité du bois et la valeur des produits. Ce manque d’information est dû à la nature destructive des essais de caractérisation des propriétés du bois. Ainsi, ce projet vise à développer des outils rapides et non destructifs pour mesurer les implications des pratiques d’aménagement forestier intensif sur les indicateurs de la qualité du bois et sur la valeur des produits.

Game theoretic modeling of joint forest management in India

The project involves conducting of field experiments to derive social preferences and discount rates of the individuals in Indian villages. Government of India had launched the joint forest management (JFM) program in 1990, whereby local community is involved in the forest management. The program has not been uniformly successful across the country.

Mycorrhizae in Salmon Forests

Salmon are an iconic and economically valuable species whose life history bridges both the sea, where they live as adults, and inland waterways where they spawn. Their yearly migrations and subsequent deaths fertilize the forests, and signals of this subsidy can be seen in vegetation, insect and bird life. What has been little studied, however, are the below-ground dynamics of this seasonal nutrient flux.

Développement d’une nouvelle génération de composites bois-polymère

Le composite bois-polymère (CBP) est un matériau de construction fait de polymère chargé de particules ou fibres de bois. La popularité de ce matériau est grandissante, mais ses propriétés mécaniques le limite aux applications non-structurales.

Further development of sulphite-based dissolving pulp production

The requested Mitacs-Accelerate Internship application will support Dr. Yishan Liu (as an intern) and Dr. Yonghao Ni (as supervisor) of the University of New Brunswick and Neucel Specialty Cellulose. The overall objectives of the project are: 1) to improve the quality of dissolving pulps; 2) to decrease the manufacturing costs by using low-cost wood material. The improvements in pulp quality will be achieved based on enzymatic/ mechanical treatments that can be readily implemented at the existing mill configurations.

Economic development through sustainable forest management at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Master of Forest Conservation Candidates from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto will partake in the research and development of biochar in Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve Ltd. Studies will provide a greater basis for certification and standardization of the product for use in forest systems and operations in Haliburton Forest, as well as in urban gardening applications as a soil amendment.

Economic viability of an ecosystem-based management in an eastern Canadian boreal forest

New forest law in Quebec implemented since early this year requires the forest management companies to put ecosystem-based management in the center of their forest management strategies by designing the forest management activities to resemble closely the natural disturbances (e. g., clear cutting to emulate stand replacing disturbances and partial cutting for secondary disturbances). Partial cutting is expected to be intensified to meet this objective. However, we do not have enough experience to demonstrate that partial cutting is economically viable.

The efficacy of fall and burn operations on the erradication of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) in Alberta

Bunch and burn operations is a common tool for controlling the spread of mountain pine beetle in Alberta and involves felling and piling of infested pine trees and subsequently, burning the log decks to eradicate the beetles. Current practices mandate the complete burn of the bark, whereas past studies and government standards have shown that heat levels of 56˚C is sufficient to kill most pests and pathogens. This study will test the efficiency of bunch and burn operations, as well as comparing different log deck structures, in eradicating mountain pine beetle larvae.

Property evaluation of tamarack veneer and plywood

Tamarack is deemed as an underutilized species. Recently York North Veneer Products Inc. (YNVP) received an inquiry on use of Tamarack veneer as sheathing materials in construction of light frame walls in Japanese market with an aim to replace Russian larch and Douglas-fir veneer.