A hidden history: Gentrification in four London, Ontario Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs)

Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) in London Ontario are a success story of architectural heritage preservation. There has been a rapid expansion of designated districts in the city, with the first appearing in 1992 and six more in the years since, with seven more currently on the books. This research will consider residents who relocated outside of the City’s four earliest HCDs post designation, and the reasons for their movement. An animated map will be created, displaying the data in both space and time.

Virtual and Travelling Exhibitions on the History of Technology and Disability: Interdisciplinary Lessons of the Past for the Future

This project seeks to explore the historical relationship between disability, technology and society, with a focus on Canada, but with global applicability. Through rigorous secondary, primary, oral and archival research, the team will investigate historical instances of innovation, technological use and activism by and for people with disabilities, building relationships and conducting oral interviews with key actors in the development of a more accessible and inclusive society.

Farming Diversity: Women’s Past, Present, and Future in Canadian Egg Farming

In 2011, Statistics Canada reported that women comprised only 25% of total farmer numbers. At the same time, an aging male farmer population is causing concern that if the farming sector does not broaden its appeal among women, there will be significant economic implications for its future development. The Egg Farmers of Canada wants to encourage more women to take up egg farming and support existing female producers in their leadership goals, but more knowledge about the systemic reasons for women’s limited participation in the industry is needed.

University-to-Work Transition Project

Research on university graduates’ University-to-Work transition (UWT) is sharply polarized between two discourses: the smooth transition narrative and the crisis narrative. Proponents of the smooth transition narrative such as universities are reporting high-rates of student satisfaction, skill transferability as well as early-career earnings consistent with those of 1970s and 1980s’s graduates. At the same, the crisis narrative is pointing at rampant underemployment, a loose School-to-Work transition structure and a blunt lack of high-skilled technical labour.

An Oral History of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly Neighbourhood

An oral history of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly neighbourhood will be conducted. Research themes include an understanding of how institutions and notable structures shaped the neighbourhood, and the role played by sites of social interaction, and the role played by the neighbourhood’s rural character It is hoped that conducting oral interviews will elicit memories of buildings, institutions, changes in architectural details, conservation culture, material culture, and cultural and natural landscapes, and preserve information that would otherwise be lost.

La perception du Canada dans l’opinion publique française : une étude de la Gazette de France entre 1701 et 1763

Colonie française depuis le début du XVIe siècle, la Nouvelle-France est cédée à la Grande-Bretagne à l’issu de la guerre de Sept Ans (1756-1763). Chez les Britanniques, une volonté de conquête du Canada est clairement exprimée dans l’opinion publique. Dans le cadre de ce projet, nous souhaitons voir au-delà des « quelques arpents de neige » mentionnés par Voltaire au sujet du Canada et de voir comment se construit la perception du Canada chez les Français par l’intermédiaire de l’analyse d’un discours écrit dans la presse.

“Strands of Resistance: Art for the Desaparecidos in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, 1965-1980”

My research traces how Brazilian artists first grappled with their relationship to modernism as they sought to break out of narratives imposed by the West, and later with a contentious history and culture formed under military regimes. I am analyzing the social and historical stakes around the term “los desaparecidos” as many people went missing during the military dictatorship.

“El Yerro Barroco / The Baroque Error”

Baroque is defined as an irregular pearl, and it is described as an oddity. This oddity or kink, as defined in the dictionary, hints at how the baroque that Spain created transcended an artistic style. In Spain during the XVI century, including the conquest in 1521 in Mexico all the way to the beginning of the XVIII century, the “Spanishness” (hispanidad) merged the baroque worldview with culture, politics, society, and religion. Colonization provoked a clash of civilization between the new and the old, the modern and the savage (the calibán).

Political Scandal and the evolution of political culture

Precisely what a nation finds scandalous says a great deal about the shared values of the population, and should indicate something about the nature of political culture within that community. The Profumo Affair in Britain, and the sex scandals of a variety of American politicians – from Jefferson’s slave mistress through Anthony Weiner’s most recent “sexting” scandal – suggest a certain fascination with the private lives of politicians and a predilection to moralize about them.

Narrative Form and Visual Sequence: The New Photography in 1970s American Practice and 1980s French Discourse

My dissertation investigates the narrative photography emerged in the US around the 1970s and its influence on the formation of photographic discourse in France throughout the 1980s. By narrative photography, I refer to the photographic experiments that appropriate certain qualities of narrative forms, ranging from books to theater. With the financial support of Mitacs Globalink Research Award, my stay in Paris will allow me to examine the original photobooks and critical writings produced in France during the 1980s.