Designing Social Games to Maximize Engagement and Healthy Living


Ignite play is developing a social media package which will make healthier living more fun and easier. An important component of this package is social game and reward system that encourages users to make changes in their lifestyle. This project will involve the development of a game design (in terms of prototype or series of prototypes) which will help:
1. Attract and engage users,

2. promote virality (spread to other users),

3. promote stickiness (ability to sustain users),

4. provide incentives for people to engage in healthier behaviours, and

Developing a Quantitative Triangulation Method for Evaluating Sports Games in Production

The game user research field has been increasingly gaining popularity within the video game industry that is interested in applying scientific research to better understand their audiences and optimize the quality of their game experiences. Quantitative approaches are important due to their utility in generating non-biased data concerning emotional responses, engagement, and in-game behaviors. This project is a continuation of a project we started with our industry partner Electronic Arts to investigate such direction.

Exploring Quantitative Methods for Evaluating Sports Games

Developing efficient and effective evaluation strategies for measuring video game quality is an important open problem in today’s game industry. Standard methods within the industry rely on surveys and interviews to evaluate engagement of their games and to uncover design flaws. In this proposal, we investigate different types of methods that a game company can use to evaluate their games and uncover design flaws.

Glass-Telepresence Communication System

The research will result in a working prototype of an innovative two-way, high-resolution video and audio communications system, codenamed "GLASS". The prototype is to utilize projection technologies developed by Christie Digital Systems, video cameras, audio capture and playback components, and synchronization software developed by the intern. The system will allow people to communicate over any distance via full-size, high resolution video, high quality audio, unimpeded by the affordances typical of extant videoconferencing systems.

Use Experience Design and Interactive Interfaces to Support Energy Conservation

This multiple]internship project aims at three applications: BCHydro's continuing efforts to encourage energy conserving actions by its clients and customers through its PowerSmart program, the City of Vancouverfs sustainability program and Team Northfs entry to the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition. Each internship will produce a prototype and/or presentation with the intent to use these results, directly or as strategic insight, in PowerSmart public exhibitions and in the Solar Decathlon house.

Program to Evaluate and Improve Visual Analytic Processes for Analyzing Maintainability, Reliability and Safety Data – Part 1

The average person manages uncertainty on a daily basis, from determining whether to invest in a particular stock to predicting the outcome of a baseball game. However, in some cases, such as that of Boeing safety analysis, the consequences can be much larger. When people’s lives are at stake, effective tools to manage and communicate uncertainty to decision makers are essential. Before being able to visually represent uncertainty effectively, there is a need for understanding where it fits in the analytic process and current methods of visualization.

Data Visualization for query about preferred paths to favourite points of interest based on an abstracted local model for location aware Mobile devices

This internship proposes an abstract model, based on a local of the node where the users are located, instead of a global navigable map. This model is concerned about satisfying users’ transactional need to compare modes of transportation and the costs and outcome of each mode, rather than understanding contextual information about each POI (location). The research team proposes a model that is similar to the way ants find navigation routes. Study shows that ants follow routes that other ants follow.

Mathematical Investigation of a Balance Metric using Hypergraphs: Part 2

This project is a continuation of last year’s project in which a backend system was design to calculate Fit Brains fitness index that is a way by which Fit Brains can assess clients’ progress. Now that the system has been designed it needs to be implemented, that is each game and database has to be assigned all appropriate description so client’s gaming patterns can be tracked. In addition we will examine if it is possible to find out what exactly makes some of Fit Brains game more popular than others.