Safety and effectiveness of Mifegymiso® offered through different service delivery points: a national prospective cohort study

Medication abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol has the potential to advance women’s access to safe and geographically accessible abortion care. Improved access to medication abortion protects women’s right to health and supports women's autonomy and agency. However, the over-regulation of mifepristone in much of the Global North has muted the promise of this pill-based regimen of abortion care.

The PAC App: Evaluating a Nationally Promoted Physical Activity App

In order to improve the health of Canadians, ParticipACTION developed the ParticipACTION App (PAC app), an incentivized, physical activity (PA) promotion and tracking app. The PAC app aims to increase the amount of PA and decrease the amount of sedentary activities for all Canadian. The PAC app was launch in February of 2019, and currently has over 100 000 downloads; however, the app is constantly evolving, and new app features are being developed.

Muscle Oxygenation characteristics of elite middle-distance runners

Middle-distance running events require a high blend of endurance alongside speed and power characteristics, to produce a fast rate of energy production in large capacities. Oxygen delivery is one of the limitations to enhancing the rate of energy production, which in part is determined by the ability of the muscle to extract oxygen delivered in the blood from the lungs.

The utility of ergonomic monitoring on affecting health behavior in the workplace

Smartpods, located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, have developed a new product “the Pulse Quest”. The Pulse Quest is a digital monitoring technology that transforms an ordinary electric adjustable desk into a “smart” desk. Not only does the Pulse Quest automate the movement of the sit stand desk, it simultaneously collects data on a battery of employee health measures. This project would bring together the research expertise from Dr. Cardoso’s Laboratoire de Performance Occupationnel (LPO) (l’Université de Moncton), Dr.

Activity recognition and workload estimation algorithm development using the Kinetyx SI insole system

Smart devices can allow active individuals to monitor their training workload in order to reduce injuries and improve performance. However, many devices are geared towards a single activity, which limits their impact. Kinetyx recently developed an insole with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. Using this insole, we will develop algorithms that identify different activities and provide feedback on the workload from those activities.

Role of cannabinoids on fast-inactivation of cardiac Nav channels

Cannabinoids are natural products derived from the Cannabis sativa plant (commonly known as marijuana). Cannabidiol (CBD), the main non-psychotropic cannabinoid is reputed to have medicinal benefits and is approved for the treatment of two seizure disorders. Other non-psychotropic cannabinoids, like cannabinol and cannabigerol, are less studied. We previously found that CBD both directly and indirectly affects voltage-gated sodium channel (Nav) function.

Innovative Telerehabilitation and Tele-research platform for movement disorders

Telerehabilitation (TR), the remote provision of services to patients using information and communication technologies, is rapidly improving with the evolution of technology and is becoming an essential segment of telemedicine. It is, therefore, essential to find solutions and technologies to make TR more feasible, more productive, and more accessible for people with movement disorders, especially in challenging conditions like the Coronavirus.

Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health

The proposed research program aims to better enable the provision of digitally based self-management support programs for Canadians who live with chronic conditions that were further complicated by COVID-19. In order to accomplish this objective, this study will evaluate existing self-management programs for adults with chronic conditions and curate condition specific evidence-based content that will be provided through the Curatio platform.

Health benefits of living in a wellness-centred community

The general objective of this project is to test for improvements in the physiological and psychosocial health of residents in a wellness-centred community (e.g. the Wellness Suites) who engage in a prescribed healthy lifestyle that emphasizes regular exercise and a modified vegan (i.e. Pegan) diet. Physiological, molecular, and psychosocial assessments will be used to identify participant progress from day of intake to six months, and to identify new biomarkers of healthy aging.

Fall and Head Impact Acceleration Monitoring of Short Track Speed Skaters

Short track speed skating is a fast-paced sport where athletes routinely reach speed above 50 km/h. It is one of the leading Canadian sports for medal count at the Olympic games. Unfortunately, given the fast-paced and pack-style skating, athletes often fall on the ice, which may lead to concussion. There is no clear data on the incidence of falls in short track speed skating, nor is there a clear understanding of the mechanism of head impact.

Therefore, this project will track the incidence of falls and measure head impacts that may lead to concussion using ‘smart’ mouth guards.