Enhancing performance in Canadian athletes: A novel and integrated approach to neurofeedback and heart rate variability biofeedback training in the daily training environment

Two essential factors of sport performance at the elite level of sport are the ability to focus on the correct aspects at the correct time while ignoring irrelevant distractions and effectively managing anxiety in the very stressful environment of a World Championship or an Olympic Games.

Nutritional and exercise recovery strategies to improve sports performance in young athletes – the need for protein

The purpose of this multi-project study is to investigate the effects of two different doses of protein supplementation following exercise training on muscle damage and inflammation, as well as on post-recovery exercise performance in young swimmers. Sub-project 1 examines whether whey protein supplementation following a training session enhances exercise performance and affects post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation.

Human Thermoregulation and Technical Apparel

Nature of the work: This project will assess a novel lululemon clothing ensembles during transitions between differing environments.
Anticipated Outcomes: An optimization of the design of clothing ensembles for transitions between different environments is the anticipated outcome.
Relevance: The project will provide garments for Canadians to improve their health, safety and comfort during outdoor activities.

Investigation of the Health Benefits of a Novel Sourdough Fermented Pasta

There are several factors driving an insatiable market for natural health products in the Canadian marketplace, including growing consumer interest in food-health relationships, rising healthcare costs and an aging population. One growing natural health food niche includes fermented foods that are becoming increasingly recognized for their health benefits. This project aims to explore the benefits of a new type of fermented product, sourdough pasta (‘Pasta Fermentata™’) created by Kaslo Sourdough’s proprietary fermentation technology, on the regulation of blood glucose and gut health.

Investigating the feasibility of a sensor-based hip protector for automatically detecting falls and characterizing activities of daily living in frail older adults

Over 350,000 Canadians live in long-term care facilities where the rate of falls is up to 3 times higher than among individuals living in the community. Wearable sensor technology holds great promise to accurately monitor an individual’s fall risk based on the activity profile and to detect dangerous fall events. With the understanding that hip protectors are commonly used in this population the objective of this project is to investigate the feasibility of a sensor-based hip protector to accurately detect falls and monitor daily activities.

The effects of unilateral dominant knee extensors fatigue on non-exercised contralateral and ipsilateral elbow flexors

The aim of this study is to further quantify the global effects of NLMF. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of it's kind to examine NLMF in muscle groups of both the upper and lower body which are ipsilateral to the fatigued muscle group.

Within Our Reach: Building Community Academic Partnerships in support of a National Food Policy

Within Our Reach is an action research partnership between Food Secure Canada and Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE). It aims to increase the capacity of community and academic partners to contribute to a civil society national food policy process. We will do this through the practical application of, and experimentation with, ways to collaborate, coordinate efforts, and share resources for enhanced policy impact and knowledge mobilization.

Investigation of impact of technological advancement in positional MRI on measuring cerebrovascular reactivity

With the advancement of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques, an exciting time has emerged for research in the field of cerebral anatomy and physiology. The basis of this proposal is to employ a one of a kind imaging technique to drive forward our basic understanding of regional blood flow regulation in the human brain. The circulation of brain blood flow is profoundly influenced by the local prevailing pH (acid-base balance).

Evaluation of a School Active Travel initiative

The number of children being driven to school has substantially increased over the past few decades—fewer children are walking or bicycling to school. There is good evidence to suggest that programs promoting walking or cycling to school may increase physical activity in children’s lives.

Advanced wearable inertial tracking system to monitor automotive assembly operator motion for human simulation applications

Capturing the real human motions on the assembly plant floor is the key point for developing accurate virtual simulations. The real human motions of specific workstation operations at Ford Oakville Assembly Plant by using wearable inertial sensors will be collected. After data collection, virtual simulations will be performed for all the recorded operation tasks. Based on simulations, physicians can observe and conduct ergonomic assessment of each of operation tasks on the plant floor.