China Green Powerhouse

This documentary film on environmental policy in china is an international collaboration with Dr. Wang Xi, the director of the Institute of Environmental and Resource Law at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. Dr. Wang Xi has worked on the amendment to China’s Environmental Law in 2014. This policy-driven research is innovative in its methodological approach to environmental policy, and Canada-China foreign relations in the context of climate change. This research investigates recent efforts to improve China’s environmental protection regulations.

The Evolving Legal Services Research Project

How can public legal education and information help Canadians get justice in our legal system? With the demand for publicly-funded or low-cost legal services far exceeding the supply, public legal education and information (PLEI) is filling an increasingly larger role in meeting the legal needs of people with modest means. Yet we know relatively little about how PLEI can help people deal with their legal problems. examines the effectiveness of PLEI in helping low- and modest-income people address their legal problems.

Système automatisé de conformité

Le projet vise à concevoir un système informatique en mode Saas (Software as a service) qui permette de réaliser de façon automatique et autonome le diagnostic des processus d’une PME pour vérifier son niveau de conformité à une réglementation, la production de recommandations personnalisées en fonction de l’entreprise, de ses besoins, de ses processus et de son contexte d’affaires, la certification de conformité après l’implémentation des recommandations.

Accounting for policy transfer in Canadian asylum policy, 1999-2012

In the context of the intern’s postdoctoral project, the research project aims to examine the correlation between the restrictiveness of a reform and the likeliness of its transfer using the IMPALA database. To this aim, the intern, after having received appropriate training, will incorporate the relevant regulatory framework in the International Migration Policy and Law Analysis (IMPALA) database. The IMPALA database includes a wider range of regulatory documents than existing databases, with primary and secondary legislation, administrative directives and relevant case law.

Regulating Geothermal Energy in Alberta

In Alberta geothermal resources exist that companies want to exploit for power and direct heat.Currently, there is no licensing and permitting process that allows these companies to exploit the existing geothermal resources. The aim of this project is to explore means through which legislative amendments or new legislation could facilitate and enable a licensing/permitting the process (Thus, allowing the industry to develop). Prior to making any conclusions about suggested legislative changes the aim is to first look at the overall context existing in Alberta i.e.

Designing Social Value Architecture for Social Ventures

Tyze Personal Networks Ltd. ( is a for-profit, social venture business interested in designing infrastructure that supports its dual goal of achieving social and economic value.