Understanding the Operational, Human, and Policy Implications for a Roadmap to Canada’s Next Generation 9-1-1 Services

The project will create a research-based strategic plan and roadmap that describes when and how to best introduce NG-911 services in British Columbia. The research needs to consider the unique BC context including review of current legislation, our emergency response structures and practices, current technologies, societal expectations and political norms. The work also needs to consider global trends and developments in emergency communications from industry, government and emergency response agency perspectives and identify the implications in BC.

Recovery of culturally important forest plant communities after wildfire in interior British Columbia

In collaboration with the Nadleh Whut'en and Stellat'en First Nations and SERNbc, researchers from university of Northern British Columbia will look at the response of vegetation communities to fire disturbance in the Northern interior of BC. We hope to determine if burn severity alters expected recovery rates and richness of vegetation. We hope to accurately document plant stress in three plants of cultural importance, and note if changes in soils affect plant health and ability to regenerate for food and medicinal use.

A Deep Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Framework for Portfolio Management

In Finance, the use of Automated Trading Systems (ATS) on markets is growing every year and the trades generated by an algorithm now account for the majority of orders that arrive at stock exchanges. Historically, these systems were based on advanced statistical methods and signal processing able to extract trading signals from financial data. However, the recent successes of Machine Learning have attracted the interest of the financial community.

Development of An Outsourcing Accelerator Platform for the Biopharma & Pharma Industries

The proposed research project to be undertaken is to develop a fully functional online RFP management application that is secure, intuitive, and is well positioned for acceptance and adoption by the biopharma industry, with focus on the Innovator (sponsor) and Provider segments. The expected benefit to the partner organization is the ability to provide a widely available online RFP management tool to the biopharma industry that accelerates outsourcing decision making, ultimately expediting medicines to patients compared to the traditional manual RFP processes.

Costing, rewards, and SEM analysis: Application to a B2C platform launch

We use optimization and analytics, within a dynamic experiment setting, to help determine a business-to-consumer matching platform transaction fees and improve customer engagement. During the course of the project, a graduate student intern will gain deeper understanding of designing and running dynamic experiments and learn more about using optimization within game-theory models. The intern will also further understand the demands of running a matching platform. The industry partner will gain insights on setting transaction fees and increasing customer engagement.

Feasibility Assessment and Development of Knowledge, Technology, and Tools for a Reliable Touch Interface for Metallic and Non-Metallic Surfaces

As ‘Smart-home’ technologies are developed and become a major player in the household appliances market, so too must the technologies that allow us to interface with it. This project, over the span of two years will develop methods of sensing not currently used in the appliance sector. This will allow companies such as iaconicDesign to integrate numerous aesthetics into their products while maintaining reliable functionality.

Lives with Houseplants in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a research project that will explore human’s relationships with houseplants in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and unpack the psychological, sociological, and environmental significance of these relationships. By digging deeply into our relationship with houseplants and creatively telling stories about them, the project seeks to uncover and deepen our connection with nature in times that we are deprived of it, build connections with living things in times that we can’t connect with other humans, and nurture intimacy in times that intimacy is scarce.

Deep Learning based Real-time Object Recognition and Tracking for Immersive Training and Maintenance Applications

The immersive software market, which includes virtual, augmented and mixed reality, is expected to see tremendous global growth over the next five years as players from all sectors race to identify and capture market opportunities of the technology.
This project investigates into the business and technical aspects of immersive training and maintenance applications by taking various case studies.

Redesigning the organization of the future: an investigation and experimentation of new impact-driven business and operational models.

Groundswell, a Toronto-based design consultancy, is seeking to understand, study and experiment with new non-hierarchical organization structures. In partnership with UofT’s Business Design Initiative research team, they will investigate and experiment with the redesign of for-purpose and value-driven organizations to better respond to today’s economic climate described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous or VUCA.

Examining the effectiveness of a feminist framed transformational leadership development program for young female coaches in university/college athletics

The project aims to examine the effectiveness of a leadership development program to increase competence and confidence of Female Apprentice Coaches to lead in sport in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. Th leadership development program looks to increase knowledge and practice of effective leadership skills while addressing common barriers women face in sport and sport leadership. The process also engages key sport leaders in the FAC environment including respective mentor coaches and athletic directors.