Development and testing of a prototype drug delivering contact lens using an advance in vitro eye-blink model

Drug delivery to the eye using contact lenses is an exciting new technology that could improve the treatment of
eye diseases. Sophisticated eye models are needed for testing and evaluating these devices to help facilitate
R&D and reduce time and costs. The aim of this project is two-fold – the first is to develop a contact lens for drug
delivery to the eye, and the second is to develop an advanced eye model to measure the release of drugs from
this device. The release of the drugs will be measured not only in the artificial tear fluid but also on the eyelid and

Minimizing Mental Health impact of Burnout and Vicarious Trauma on Front-line Workers of the Residential Care Agencies

The Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth (OARTY) is a provincial association of private
residential services. OARTY members provide support to individuals needing temporary, short or longterm
residential care; including those suffering the aftermath of abuse and neglect, and those with
developmental challenges, among others.
The problem that OARTY and its members are facing is a high staff turnover.

Textile-based Delivery System for Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy: Novel Electrodes and Compliant Conductors

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is an effective technology for the therapy of patients who suffer from physical impairment. To increase the effectiveness of FES and reduce the cost of hospitalization, a new design is required for the remote and long-term application of FES so that the patients can easily undergo FES during their daily life activities without the need of clinical assistance. The goal of this project is to develop a smart wearable technology for long-term and remote application of FES.

The Role of Machine Learning in Identification and Dissemination of High-Quality Clinical Research Articles from The Biomedical Literature

McMaster’s Health Information Research Unit has a long-established track record of identifying and sharing the highest quality, clinically relevant medical research to support healthcare professionals in staying up to date with the latest evidence so they can provide the best care to their patients. We have developed and used traditional search filters to help in this effort. These accurately return relevant articles but they also return many non-relevant, lower quality studies.

Digital interventions to improve the mental wellbeing and quality of life of low-income community-dwelling older adults

Our previous research with Mitacs has found that financial burden is one of the biggest negative contributors to the mental health of community-dwelling seniors. We plan to continue to work with the West End Seniors Network (WESN), Vancouver’s second largest not-for-profit seniors’ center, to explore how technology can be utilized to provide mental health aids and services for low-income seniors. The intern will conduct focus groups with older adults to accomplish the research objectives.

Development of a tele-health rehabilitation system to provide automatic assessment of patients’ performance, improve patients’ adherence and enable remote rehabilitation-Phase I

Poor physical recovery, especially in remote rehabilitation, is the problem that will be addressed in this project.
This project is Phase I of development of Fun-exercise module. Fun-exercise system uses gamification to boost patients’ adherence to their prescribed home-exercises. To achieve this goal, Fun-exercise will use mentally stimulating and customizable games paired with a set of wearable sensors to provide feedback to ensure activities are being done correctly. In phase I, patient study and conceptual design of the Fun-exercise module will be undertaken.

An Environmental Scan of Self-Management Interventions in Clinical Practice

One approach that is commonly used to treat chronic condition is self-management interventions. Self-management refers to the daily “tasks that individuals must undertake to live well with … chronic conditions” (Adams et al., 2004). To help people with chronic conditions develop the skills needed to manage their conditions, several self-management interventions have been created. Many of these interventions have been extensively researched; however, moving these research findings into the real-world is difficult since the real-world is much less controlled than the research world.

From Waste to Hydrogen: Assessment of Alternative Hydrogen Production Processes

With the Focus around the world shifting to net-zero emissions as a solution to the climate crisis, countries are
stepping up with hydrogen strategies and committing large amounts of funding to make hydrogen a reality.
However, the main problem remains: On the supply side, hydrogen currently cannot be offered competitively
with Diesel/NG prices, and on the demand side, technologies, such as fuel cells, are not widely commercially
available yet to offtake hydrogen on a large scale.

Safety App Plugin for Women who Experience Dating-App Facilitated Sexualized Violence

While online dating has been available for many years, the increase in modern technology has spurred a growth in the
amount of online dating apps and dating app users. There is reason to believe that as dating moves online, so does
sexualized violence against women. This project will examine how various online dating apps are facilitating experiences
of sexualized violence against women and how their safety can be improved through plugin technology.

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on the Population and Habitats of Piping Plovers in Prince Edward Island

The proposed research focuses on examining the influence of regional climate variability and extreme weather events on the population and habitats of Piping Plovers in Prince Edward Island (PEI). Correlation matrices between records of population parameters and regional climate conditions will be generated and correlated variables will be tested for significance using t-tests.