Evaluation of the accuracy of the office-based virtual surgical planning for Orthognathic and Implant surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure used to correct facial deformities and is a mainstay treatment in the oraland maxillofacial surgery field. Another common procedure in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery is dentalimplant surgery that is used to replace missing teeth. Currently, dental implants are one of the most preferredtreatment options for recreating tooth form and function.The surgical procedure is complex and requires extensive planning and accuracy to obtain a successfuloutcome.

Combating money laundering networks with the firefighting problem

The Firefighter Problem is a deterministic, discrete-time model of the spread of a fire on the nodes of a graph. If a graph is a network where bank accounts are nodes, then an edge between two accounts is a transaction between one bank account and another. Imagine we have a suspicious bank account with suspicious transactions possibly tied to money laundering. We view this suspicious bank account as a place a fire breaks out. Then, those accounts that receive money from the suspicious bank account are considered suspect.

Frailty risk detection from primary care electronic medical records

Older adults with frailty are at high-risk of declines in their health and do not bounce back as well as their non-frail counterparts. These patients are among the highest users of health care because they end up in crises and go to emergency, are hospitalized, or die. But, if frailty is detected and managed earlier, before negative events occur, it can improve patient outcomes and decrease health system costs. Currently, frailty detection relies on tools that take added time and resources that family doctors do not have.

Economic evaluation of small-scale CO2 capture and storage project

The goal of this MITACS proposed project is to evaluate the preliminary performance and economics of the carbon dioxide capture technology using recovered waste heat from engine exhaust and utilizing the recovered heat to regenerate solvents in a small-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) capture project. This is because the regeneration of the solvents requires high energy. The combination of waste heat recovery and carbon dioxide on a single system, which overcomes this problem and provides an energy efficient solution, will be studied for use at new facilities and retrofit to existing facilities.

Distance-Restricted Firefighting

As financial networks grow limiting the spread of illicit funds becomes an increasingly important aspect of security. We model this spread within a network-like structure called a graph and examine how best to defend against the spread of these illicit funds. This problem has been examined in the past and we further that knowledge by restricting the defender’s ability to defend the network, thus allowing our models to behave more similarly to the real world in certain applications.

Post-traitement statistique des quantiles extrêmes de prévisions issues de modèles météorologiques d’ensemble

Le projet de recherche s’inscrit dans le contexte précis du besoin d’Hydro-Québec de mieux estimer la probabilité de
manifestation de vents de forces dites extrêmes et potentiellement dommageables pour le réseau d’infrastructures électriques.
Il aura pour objectif de développer des modèles statistiques permettant de corriger les biais dans les prévisions de vents afin
de mieux prévoir quels horizons temporels et quelles régions sont à risque de subir des pannes nécessitant l’intervention
d’équipes de réparations.

Operationalizing Bayesian multi-state models and financial institution resources for business firm life cycle modelling

Like most living organisms, the life cycle of a business can be divided into distinct, complex phases. These life stages are determined by various internal and external factors such as financial resource availability, managerial ability, and market conditions. The ability to model firm life stages would help financial institutions (FIs) such as ATB identify and meet the time-specific needs and challenges of their business clients. However, properly analyzing the wealth of data collected by FIs is difficult.

Understanding and managing the contraction of infrastructure for internal combustion engine vehicles

The transportation sector is responsible for 25% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to address climate change by electrifying transportation will reduce the demand for gasoline and diesel fuels. At some point in the decline internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owners will face the same challenges that have plagued electric and hydrogen vehicle owners – namely insufficient fueling infrastructure to allow for convenient operation of the vehicles.

Linear and non-linear replication factor models for Funds look-through

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is a set of regulations by the Basel committee, which is expected to be implemented by banks by 2022. The regulation targets market risk management in banking industry. The regulation targets market risk management in banking industry. According to FRTB, banks must decompose funds that can be looked through into their constituents and determines the relevant capital requirements as if the underlying position were held directly by the bank.

Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for Portfolio Replication of VIX Futures

During the past two decades, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX® Index), a key measure of investor sentiment and 30-day future volatility expectations, has generated much investor attention because of its unique and powerful features. The introduction of VIX futures in 2004, VIX options in 2006, and other volatility-related trading instruments provided traders and investors access to exchange-traded vehicles for taking long and short exposures to expected S&P 500 Index volatility for a particular time frame.