Techno economic assessment of state-of-art innovative fast pyrolysis solutions in bio-economy processes

The present project will evaluate the techno-economic and environmental performance of an Integrated Biorefinery System that employs an innovative state-of-art fast pyrolysis processes for the production of bio renewable fuels in the bio-economy.

Differences in neurophysiological activity induced by viewing live versus recorded opera performance

In an age where recorded audio/visual performance media is ubiquitous and easily accessed, there may seem to be little impetus to experience a performance live. However, live performance is very important clinically, where it is well known to be more effective than recorded performance in a variety of applications including sleep induction, stress and pain reduction, and improved compliance during diagnostic measurements. Moreover, experiencing live performance is thought to have numerous social benefits such as fostering social unity and awareness, along with cultural appreciation.

Extractable polysaccharides from sugar maple bark

This project aim to valorize sugar maple bark that is normally generated as residues in high volume from forest-based industry in Canada. Sugar maple bark, which is rich in polysaccharides will be extracted and subsequently dried to produce polysaccharide powder. Such obtained powder will be explored for its potential as functional food ingredients, mainly in development of natural food products. One of the applications could be the enrichment of substandard maple syrup with the addition of polysaccharides from sugar maple bark.

Privacy Preserving Federated Learning - Year two

By virtualizing all the various appliances in the network, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) became a key enabler for the coming 5G infrastructure and nowadays a major shift is under way bringing an evolution to cloud-native NFV. In the latter operational model, applications are decomposed into microservices running inside containers to enable automated installation, configuration and scaling with the dynamic network requirements beside self-healing and automated upgrading and updating of the VNFs.

Anthropogenic impacts on the population dynamics of a critically endangered marine mammal

Economic development often has dire consequences for wildlife and environmental conservation. In Taiwan coastal waters, a small dolphin population is being affected by large-scale habitat loss and degradation resulting from development projects, pollution, vessel traffic and a massive fishing industry.

Development of deep learning pipeline for automatic segmentation and classification of cardiac magnetic resonance images – Part 2

Heart disease is the main reason of death worldwide. One way to understand better and detect heart diseases without need for biopsy via surgery is by using medical imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Cardiac magnetic resonance is a specific kind of MRI which allows great visualization of inner parts of the heart and can be used for measuring the size of the heart and its chambers, which can be very useful for understanding blood flow and other potential markers of disease.

Investigation of the Effects of Target Structuring and Composition on Nuclear Reaction Rates Under sub-MeV Ion Beam Flux

This project will use a low energy particle accelerator to explore methods of improving the number of fusion reactions in specially designed targets. This work will then be used assist in the development of a feasible commercial fusion power plant that is green, uses cheap and abundant fuel, and is reliable.

Development of instruments and methods engineered to mitigate the impact of non-tissue specific background sources for intraoperative spontaneous Raman spectroscopy applications

The interns will develop novel technologies using laser light to interrogate molecular vibrations in biological tissue setting up the stage for the next generation of intraoperative imaging techniques used to guide surgical interventions, including the resection of tumours in prostate and ovarian surgery as well as in neurosurgery. The partner organisation (Optech) is an organisation specialisation in the optical design and systems characterisation and this project will allow them to expand their base of knowledge and expertise in biological tissue.

Texture Synthesis for Visual Effects: Improving Quality and Decreasing Computation Times

This proposal focuses on the automatic creation of color textures for 3D objects found in virtual content for movies, television, and advertisements. Such color details could correspond to the color variations seen at the surface of fabric or concrete. Another example of the problems we want to address consists of automatically creating color details for an animation of liquids such as mud. The solutions will reduce the computation times, increase the realism, and enable some methods to synthesize a broader variety of color textures.

Research and improvement in label production process: waste reduction through adhesive quality improvement

As for any industry, the companies are constantly trying to improve their products. This can be done directly on the raw materials or on the production lines. But profitability can also be improved by reducing wastes while increasing production rates. So this project will investigate the processing conditions and adhesion formulations in terms of mechanical, thermal, chemical and adhesion properties. This will be done by optimization of both processing condition and concentration of the components.