Automating financial reports redaction

The objective of the proposed research project is to automate the redaction of financial portfolios reports. The generated reports should inform the reader about which factors influenced the portfolio’s returns, to what degree, and how far these factors deviate from the norm.

Diagnostic, Prognostic and Health Monitoring of Aircraft Flight Control System

The reduction of aircraft life-cycle cost and environmental footprint, increasingly desired by the aerospace industry, requires innovative ideas not only at design level but also at maintenance level. Aircraft manufacturers are looking for highly reliable equipment; however, degradations due to wear and tear and faults/failures are inevitable. Thus, when degradations occur, aircraft owners/operators want to be able to identify (i.e. detect and isolate/localize) them as early as possible and replace the faulty unit as quickly as required (and feasible).

Developing Provisional Publishing Guidelines Informed by Indigenous Storytelling and Knowledge Keeping Protocols

This project will develop provisional guidelines for publishing texts for and by Indigenous people. Each story, each storyteller, and each nation presents a different case, and there can be no set of rules. The objective is to outline a provisional, adaptable set of principles, questions, and considerations to guide the process of selecting, editing, publishing, and marketing manuscripts.

Development of a guideline of best police practices in locating lost persons with dementia

Three out of five Canadians with dementia wander, raising concern as to how it can be managed. Current information describing best practices to find missing persons living with dementia however, is inconsistent and can cause police difficulty in choosing search and rescue strategies for this population. The purpose of this project is to develop and promote the exchange of best practices to quickly find a lost person with dementia through the development of a guideline. It will involve a literature review and surveys with police across Ontario.

Characterizing the role of probiotics in physiologically relevant ex vivo and in vivo models of infectious colitis

In the intestines of people living with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs), the balance of beneficial bacteria is shifted. Instead, the intestine is overloaded with potentially harmful bacteria – a phenomenon known as dysbiosis. This shift in bacterial populations is believed to be among the key contributors to the onset of inflammation observed in IBD patients.
Bioactive bacteria that help to re-establish equilibrium in the intestine are known as probiotics. They work by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while simultaneously warding off harmful bacteria.

Investigating the cell biology of cannabinoid synthesis in Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is a plant well-known for its production of cannabinoids, which are lipids with unique pharmacological properties. These compounds are produced mainly in female floral buds in specialized epidermal outgrowths known as glandular trichomes. These structures consist of a long stalk supporting a disk of biosynthetically active cells that produce the cannabinoids.

Efficient and low-complexity video coding for virtual reality and 360-degree video streaming

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer a unique immersive video experience by providing 360-degree video in a panoramic view. Limited bandwidth, demanding high quality, encoder delay, network latency and lack of standards are the main problems to deliver true VR immersive experience.

Smart TECHnology for better shared decision making about prenatal testing for pregnant WomEn (TECH4WE)

Whether or not to undergo prenatal screening to assess the risk of certain genetic conditions in the fetus, and if so deciding among available prenatal screening tests, is a difficult decision faced by all pregnant women and their partners. However, few are aware of the implications of the various options. With shared decision making (SDM), patients and doctors share health decisions based on the pros and cons of all the options and on what matters most to the patient, so decisions reflect this knowledge and the preferences of those involved.

Cancer tissue classification using machine learning/deep learning algorithms

Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive laser-based optical technique that provides information on the molecular composition of biological tissue. Using this technique, it is possible to distinguish different types of tissue and use this information to develop prognostic tests to evaluate, for example, how a patient will respond to a specific therapy.

Development of miniature fluorescence microscope with optogenetically synchronized patterned illumination - Year two

We propose development of miniature fluorescent microscope with flexible spatiotemporal photostimulation patterns of ensembles of neurons in freely behaving animals.For precision and targeted photostimulation of light-activated proteins (opsins), the light beam from high power incoherent light source will be shaped by user-controlled digital micromirror device (DMD). The light patterns formed by DMD will be sent via fiber bundle to miniature imaging system that can be implanted on the head of the animal.