• Strengthening international research collaboration

    Blog | 01/16/2014

    A new strategy to double the number of international students in Canada has been launched by the Canadian Government. The number of overseas students... more

  • How to take innovation from concept to practice

    Blog | 01/07/2014

    By David Callele, President, Experience First Design Inc. An effective innovation process begins by clearly identifying a problem or unmet need then... more

  • The road to commercialization

    Blog | 12/06/2013

    Having your research commercialized, as part of a new product by a private company, is no small feat. It is what researchers strive for.  And it is... more

  • Meet the Mitacs Awards winners!

    Blog | 11/23/2013

    Who are Canada’s up-and-coming researchers and what did they do to win a Mitacs award?  Read about our next generation of innovators and their... more

  • The future for postdocs

    Blog | 11/19/2013

    Welcome to the Mitacs Blog – a new forum to discuss news, research, innovation and funding opportunities. We invite you to subscribe, share amongst your... more




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