Tools for Enhancement of Power System Security

The aim of the proposed research cluster is to advance the state of the art of secure operation of power systems by developing new methods and tools. A power system is expected to perform within specified operating boundaries of system voltage and frequency under normal conditions when there are no component outages. Further, it should also be able to deliver the same performance under single outages that are most likely to occur. Two ways of advancing the state of the art will be addressed in this research cluster.

Novel Boundary Element Method for Inductance Extraction in Cables of Complex Cross-Sections

The proposed project is dedicated to fast resistance and inductance extraction for multiconductor transmission lines. Since the complexity of power cable designs has grown significantly over the past decade, fast and accurate tools for electromagnetic characterization are required. The cable models presently used by Manitoba Hydro however are overly simplified compared to the ones available on the market. The alternative surface-volume-surface integral equation formulation is proposed to reduce computational time and memory.

Enhancement of power system security using synchrophasor data

This research project investigates how to improve the security of operation of a power system using measurements taken at several locations of the power system. In the past, there was no technology available to synchronize these measured data, and thus the applications were limited. Now, the technology has advanced and the measured data can be synchronized using Global Positioning Satelittes (GPS). We investigate two different approaches for enhancing system stability and thus security.

Finite formulation based models of overhead lines and buried cables incorporating ground interface and high-frequency effects

Being able to accurately determine the model parameters for multi-conductor overhead and underground cable systems is important for power transmission system simulation. Current analytical based methods are limited to simple configurations of conductors and employ approximations that limit their accuracy at high frequencies. In this project we develop a numerical Finite Integration based technique for calculation of transmission line parameters and for calculation of the associated electromagnetic fields.

Understanding Urban White Tailed Deer Use of Hydro Corridors Within the Greater Winnipeg Area

The Greater Winnipeg Area (GWA) white-tailed deer (WTD) population has grown substantially over the last three decades. Growing urban WTD populations in heavily human populated areas have led to human-deer conflict and represent a significant human health and safety concern. A major human safety concern is the alarming increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents within the city involving WTD. In addition, WTD host a number of diseases transmittable to humans and other wildlife, and deer cause significant property damage.

Live Line Maintenance and Inspection Robotics Manipulation

This research project aims at working closely with Manitoba Hydro, to examine existing techniques and further develop new tools that allow remote access to live transmission lines equipment that cannot be out of service. More specifically, we aim to employ robots to partially substitute for, and work cooperatively with, crew directed at service interruption free maintenance and inspection of live transmission lines. Such operations are often complex, hazardous and labor intensive.

Lightning Electromagnetic Field Macromodeling

Concerns regarding the quality of the electric power are becoming a crucial factor in modern power systems. Historically, most electric/electronic system equipment has been able to operate successfully when electric power was disturbed. However, the emerge of sensitive electronic equipment and devices which require highly-reliable electric power has created whole new areas of power quality consideration. It is well known that lightning, as a high energy phenomenon, is a source of severe disturbance.