Comparative Building Life-Cycle Performance of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Vs. Wood-Frame Construction Phase I: Energy Performance

ICF construction is an alternative for wood-frame construction for residential buildings which potentially has higher energy performance compared. However, this potential advantage has to be measured and compared. This study compares the energy performance of residential buildings constructed with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) to those of conventional wood frame buildings in four cities in three different climate zones.

Green Roofs as a Stormwater Management Tool

The intern will undertake a project which analyses several drainage structures of an experimental green roof while developing a numerical model to mimic the experimentally obtained results. In addition, the intern will also be involved in working on an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, and low impact development methods. The partner organization will benefit by having a more effective green roof drainage design developed as well as a numerical model created to simulate the design changes.

Soil Vapour Assessment and Ontario Regulation 153/04 Environmental Site Investigations in Ontario

Based on the evaluation of modelled soil vapour concentrations it is common for soil contaminants of concern (i.e., volatile contaminants) to pose a potential health risk to receptors via the soil-to-indoor air vapour migration pathway. However, it is understood that the approach used to model vapour concentrations in indoor air, though acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, is highly conservative based on the assumptions related to the maximum soil concentrations and potential for natural attenuation of soil vapours.

Caractérisation des propriétés thermomécaniques (TM) d’enrobésspéciaux incorporant des matériaux recyclés provenant de lasidérurgie en vue de leur optimisation

Dans la perspective de préserver les ressources naturelles non renouvelables et de contribuer concrètement à un développement durable, l’entreprise Bauval travaille assidument à la valorisation de résidus industriels, les scories d’aciérie, comme source de granulat dans la production d’enrobés spéciaux ultra-performants. Quatre (4) enrobés à chaud spéciaux de hautes technologies incorporant des scories sont actuellement disponibles : la famille des enrobés Hi Tech.

Développement d’une nouvelle génération de composites bois-polymère

Le composite bois-polymère (CBP) est un matériau de construction fait de polymère chargé de particules ou fibres de bois. La popularité de ce matériau est grandissante, mais ses propriétés mécaniques le limite aux applications non-structurales.

Energy audit and actions for St. Mary’s Cement Plant

The proposed project seeks to conduct an energy audit of the St. Mary’s Cement plant, study the energy inputs and outputs, and create integration plans that can result in the reduction of total energy usage, a better Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and cost savings. A key component of this project is the engagement and training of an MESC student in energy auditing and management. The project serves as an ideal framework for advanced graduate training in thermodynamics, energy conversion, and energy management.

Improved prediction models for concrete confined with various composites: experimental and numerical investigation

The proposed research project will investigate the damaged and undamaged concrete columns of different aspect ratio confined with various types of FRP composites under repeated compression loading. From the observed data, the load-deformation hysteresis of the specimens will be correlated to numerical models and a generalized constitutive model will be proposed. Durability study will be also conducted on various types of FRP-confined circular concrete columns under severe environmental exposure, for example, wetting/drying and freeze-thaw cycles.

Model for implementing and continuously improving the automated change management process for construction mega projects

Current communication means such as; Spreadsheet, the internet and Emails are not good enough when a change happens in a Billion $ oil and gas project where hundreds of technicians, engineers, managers, contractors from various disciplines in different locations are involved. The solution is an automated workflow process. Simply put, workflow is the step-by-step procedure taken to complete a job. An automated workflow is the one in which unnecessary time consuming human tasks is eliminated or changed as an automated machine-based task.

A New Generation of Destratification Systems for Large Building Spaces

Thermal stratification is known as “the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today” during heating seasons in large building spaces, where hot air is trapped in the upper section whereas working zones are maintained colder in the lower causing excessive energy losses through ceilings and thermal comfort problems. Texas Electroniques Canada Inc.

Modelling pollutant removal processes for an underground detention chamber system

This project will determine if underground detention systems provide an equivalent level of service for stormwater treatment as stormwater management ponds. This will be achieved through water quality measurements collected from a StormTrap system and through the development of a pollutant-transfer model. The intern will work with both the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Con Cast Pipe.