Baseline and best-practice analyses to determine environmental and energy targets

The province of Nova Scotia is currently pursuing the goal of being the most environmentally and economically sustainable province in Canada. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is a major retailer in the province and, with the help of the branding agency Revolve, the NSLC would like to echo the provincial goals within its own corporate mandate. Environmental objectives are best addressed through comprehensive CSR strategies; this research project will establish the environmental targets and the associated management plan to be incorporated into the company’s CSR strategy.

Sustainability and the Wine Industry in the Okanagan valley of BC

The study focuses on sustainable practices employed by wineries and wine growers in the Okanagan valley of BC. The focus of this internship will be to understand fully how one winery – Quails Gate winery in West Kelowna- carries out sustainable practices at various stages of its production, distribution and the marketing of its products. The expected benefit for the organization is to receive an audit of the various processes it uses, the pros and cons of such processes, and some insight into where improvements can be made.

Improvement of Quality and Efficacy of Natural HealthProducts & Dietary Supplement

The overall goal of this project is for the University science team at the University of Ottawa and University of New Brunswick to develop high quality Echinacea products for Canadian and world markets in collaboration with Amway Canada. One objective involves phytochemical and pharmacological selection and propagation of elite Echinacea from the historic Echinacea germplasm available at Amway’s Trout Lake Farm. A second objective is to develop evidence based marketing information on the improved Echinacea.

Real-time 3D object detection and pose estimation from multiple cameras

The project aims to build a 3D object detection system by using a number of images from multiple cameras. The system will train on instances of objects to detect other instances of the same object. This means that if, for example, we want to detect a sphere, we will make the system learn how a sphere looks like by giving some example images. Now when the system encounters a new object which looks similar to the example images, the system will detect the new object to be a sphere. Similarly the system will train for detection of more complex objects.

Carbon thin-films for cosmetic jewellery applications

Thin-films of carbon are finding use in a wide variety of military, industrial, and commercial applications. Arnell Workshop Inc., a West Kelowna, British Columbia-based cosmetic jewellery manufacturer, is using thin-films of carbon in order to coat titanium rings. As of the present moment, they are using an American firm in order to perform these depositions.

Sterilization of Foie Gras - Demonstration of Safety and Stability under Minimal Processing Conditions

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the adequacy of mild thermal processes (Fo ~1 min) for meeting the requirements for commercial sterility of foie gras in cans or jars. It was previously demonstrated that the sensitivity of thermal destruction of microbial spores increases with an increase in FFA concentration. The proposed project will be focused on the safety and stability of the product under industrial processing conditions. The study would encompass the following: incorporate a characterized surrogate (C.

Frost removal in the presence of an electric field on a fin and tube evaporator

High voltage electrodes will be used to remove the frost from the front part of the fin and tube evaporator inside the case of the refrigeration system provided by the company. Over the period of a few hours the frost buildup can become quite substantial on the fin leading edge. It is expected that the electrostatic forces will affect the way that frost forms on the surface and the efficiency of the evaporator can be increased. This defrosting system leads to better performance of the refrigeration system and increasing the time between the traditional defrosting cycles.

Quality Vigilance of Baked Goods through DigitalImage Analysis – I, II

Product quality is a factor in insuring business success and user satisfaction. It is acheived through vigilance within quality systems. This project will explore how quality-by-design can be supported through serial recording of material signatures extracted from image analysis of baked goods produced by the industrial partner TWI Foods. An innovative digital image recording system will be used, the BioTIFF/Intercase system, developed by gDial Inc in collaboration with the Dr Peter Pennefather of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

Towards a Theory of Idea Evaluation

As the world increasingly depends on the creation of new and novel ideas, the ability to manage them become paramount,. Ideation is a process that enables organizations to create, value and manage a portfolio of ideas. It can be divided into three areas: 1) Idea representation, aka Ontologies, 2)Idea evaluation and portfolio management, and 3)Idea process management. The objectives of this research are to: 1. Identify and analyze current short comings in the innovation processes, 2. Develop an ontology for ideas and the innovation process, 3.

Plastics Packaging Materials with Antifungal/microbial Properties

Plastic packaging materials are needed in many food products to prevent spoilage and to extend shelf-life. This project focuses on developing plastic packaging materials that will not permit bacteria and fungi to grow on the surface of the plastic in contact with the food , bread in this particular case.