Accompagnement entrepreneurial et nouveaux outils de développement du modèle d’affaires : analyse de leur utilisation comme dispositif de support dans le passage du temps R&D vers le temps client

Le passage d’un « temps long » de R&D vers un « temps client » est souvent charnière pour les jeunes entreprises et caractérisé par de nombreux « bouleversements » pour une équipe qui doit composer avec un nombre de plus en plus grand de partenaires externes qui ont tous leurs exigences vis-à-vis de la proposition de valeur et du modèle d’affaires de l’entreprise. Le projet d’étude consiste à accompagner une entreprise spécialisée dans la conception et l’opération d’une plateforme web et mobile de réaction et diffusion nommée Liveshout dans cette période de transition.

Development and testing of an on-line video game to teach second languages

Copernicus Studios Inc. (CSI; Halifax, NS) is developing LANGA – disruptive LANguage GAming software to help people learn new languages. LANGA uses advanced speech recognition and high-end animation to create a unique and engaging gaming experience. However, LANGA is more than just flash – it has been developed in partnership with the NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL) at Dalhousie University. This industrial-academic partnership was forged to ensure that the training programs are informed by research in second language learning, and that LANGA’s effectiveness has been validated in the lab.

Agile with Music As a Fundamental Element of Gameplay Design

This research project attempts to investigate and advance approaches where the productivity of a small team can be increased while assessing the effectiveness of agile methodology and various communication and management models in a fast paced, constantly changing environment. Specifically, the intern will investigate the use of agile development methodologies within the video game context and how they affect a small development team.

IMMERSe: the interactive and multi-modal experience research syndicate

The purpose of this project is to provide insight into how game-based learning can be used to motivate positive workplace behaviour and learning over time. The intern will work with an established industry partner that has deployed a game-based learning platform for the workplace, and analyze user performance and motivation data that the industry partner has gathered from their platform.

Gamifying Shakespeare: Theorizing and Designing Game-based Digital Media for Stratford Festival Audience Engagement

The aims of the partner organization are to: bolster audience engagement, i.e., to enhance the experience of those already attending the Stratford Festival; bolster audience attendance, i.e., to draw new crowds to the Stratford Festival; and establish the Festival as a leading digital media creator in the field of professional theatre.

Realistic character skinning in a gaming environment

We propose to tackle a challenging problem in computer graphics called 'skinning'. A skinning technique consists in animating the skin of a 3D virtual character. In our context we seek a method specifically targeted to computer games. Therefore our goal is to develop a skinning method as visually plausible as possible with real-time performance. We recently introduced a method called implicit skinning, this technique produces the effect of skin contact and fold at joints in real-time.

Social Media Audience Analytics Tool

Social media websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are widely used by the general public and also by businesses to promote their product and services. Due to the nature of these websites, marketed content by businesses does not always reach their desired target. This can be improved by providing useful information to the businesses, such as the times their audience is using social media or their most active users. This information is not readily available, but can be derived by analyzing the available data on social media websites.

Comment maximiser l'engagement des utilisateurs par l'analyse et les modifications des interfaces et de l'expérience usager ?

Imaginez un monde dans lequel vous seriez les acteurs du contenu audiovisuel. Un monde dans lequel votre avis aurait un réel impact sur vos émissions préférées. Ce projet va dans ce sens puisqu’il tente de créer une réelle connexion entre les diffuseurs et les téléspectateurs. L’interactivité est donc de mise, tentant de mettre l’utilisateur au centre du processus de création. Ce projet aura un aspect lié à l’ergonomie puisqu'il faudra repérer les critères sur lesquels influer pour rendre le contenu de meilleure qualité. Toutefois, un problème demeure.

Federation of heterogeneous data sources for the linked data back-end in the Gold Fish mobile application

The overall goal is to create the backend of a mobile personal organizer that suggests professional events (conferences, colloquia, workshops, exhibitions) and contacts to establish while attending events, to members. Currently, the target audience are professionals in the biomedical domain. Given the need to feed data and meta-data from heterogeneous sources into the application, the industrial partner chose to implement the backend using semantic data management technologies.

User Profile generation for Mobile Ad Targeting

Personalized ad targeting is one of the most important features to ensure a successful advertising campaign---e.g., F-150 ford pickup trucks are best shown to construction workers than teenage girls. Another important aspect of ad personalization is frequency capping the ads. For example, showing the same ad 100 times to 1 user will result in not having any budget left over for others, and this can make or break an advertising campaign.