Effects of low-dose radiation on immune parameters, antioxidant and metabolic signalling and implications in the development and progression of mammary cancer - Year two

Recent studies have called into question the Linear No Threshold (LNT) model of radiation protection, which predicts a linear increase in cancer risk with low-dose radiation exposure. However, current experimental evidence suggests that low-dose radiation (LDR,

Failure analysis on X-750 CANDU spacer material using bulk mechanical test and ion-irradiation

The current project will focus on understanding the behavior of one of the most important CANDU reactor components when it is subjected to the reactor environment. This study will develop a fundamental understanding of the X-750 material’s behavior resulting in innovative technologies that benefit the nuclear industry in Canada.

An Integrated Co-Simulation-Data Analytics Platform for Smart Grid Modeling and Cybersecurity Analysis

The smart grid represents a marriage between power systems and information technology to provide increased and reliable access to power. The greater dependence on information systems however makes it more vulnerable to cyberattack. Modeling these systems accurately is a significant challenge due to their complexity and connected nature. In this work, we focus on the open research problem of developing a modeling platform that combines co-simulation, real equipment and data analytics.

Automated Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) Classification for Hydrological Modelling and Physically-Based Inflow Forecasting

The problem considered in this work is how to produce highly accurate and consistent land-use/land-cover (LULC) maps significantly faster than current semi?automated methods for use by Manitoba Hydro. The goal is to improve the ability to produce maps quickly and efficiently as priority needs arise. This project will use an approach for automated LULC mapping from satellite images using deep learning methods pioneered by the applicants. By classifying each pixel in a satellite image into LULC categories using neural networks, rapid and accurate LULC maps can be successfully produced.

An Automatic Tool for Developing Transactive Energy Smart-Contracts: Development, Validation and Integration with the IEMS Blockchain Platform

Energy consumers and prosumers are currently dealing with each other via utility companies, which is a slow, costly and indirect mechanism. With the aim of moving toward a free market, the goal of this project is to provide a suitable platform for automatic development and evolution of smart contracts in distributed transactive energy markets. This platform will make the blockchain technology, underlying smart contracts, applicable to direct transactions between energy consumers and prosumers, enabling additional steps towards a free market.

Evaluation of the performance of transcritical CO2 heat pump cycle in conjunction with wastewater energy transfer (WET) system for combined space heating, cooling, and water heating

Wastewater is an abundant and an underutilized thermal energy source that experiences relatively constant temperature year-round with predicted flow rates. These features serve as a heat source/sink for heat pump-based HVAC systems to provide combined heating, cooling and domestic hot water to large-scale commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. There is a substantial potential in extracting enough thermal energy from sewer with relatively low carbon footprint.

Variational methods for pipeline safety and data analysis

This project will explore the non-invasive ways to find potential leaks in buried gas distribution pipelines using sound propagation. When there is a sound source at one point of the pipeline, the nature of the sound coming to another point of the pipeline will depend on the properties of the surrounding soil, properties of the pipe and its integrity. We will study the mechanics of sound propagation in a buried pipeline surrounded by soil, using methods of modern mechanics. We will also use similar methods to formulate best practices of data analysis.

Sub Synchronous Oscillations in Power Systems

With increased levels of series compensation of transmission lines (Which is the most economical solution for bulk power transmission over long distances) and with more power electronic controllers such as HVDC, FACTS and converter based distributed generation in the power network, Sub Synchronous Interaction (SSI) problems arise. It is necessary to identify different types of SSI that could occur in the power network through proper means and to prevent such at the design stage or to take counter measures if required.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of High Energy Incidents Inside and Above Buried Underground Vaults

When a transmission cable joint in an underground vault undergoes an electrical failure this event can result in a high energy event and trigger a shock wave. Rapid and extreme pressure build up inside a manhole can cause a 200kg vault cover launching out as a dangerous projectile, which is referred as manhole incidents. The safety and reliability evaluation of the power cable joint in an underground vault has always been challenging with quite complex electromagnetic-thermal-mechanical coupling field.

Diagenetic history porosity evolution of the sandstones and carbonates around the Labrador?Port au Port Group boundary, Belle Isle, Western Newfoundland

The proposed project investigates the diagenesis of the lowermost Port au Port carbonates in Western Newfoundland. Few earlier studies suggested that the carbonates vary from lime mudstones of low energy to grainstones and rudstones of high energy shallow-shelf settings. The study will allow the reconstruction of full diagenetic history of the basin and factors that controlled the precipitation of cements and dolomitization that influenced the net rock porosity as well as the timing of precipitation of those cements during basin history.