Enrichment Materials for Dollars with Sense curriculum

This research proposal will focus on identifying supplementary topics that will provide enriched learning opportunities for the Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense (DwS) middle school curriculum. The key areas to be investigated will include fundamentals of consumer credit cards, public stock market basics, and banks and banking. These areas are introduced in the Dollars with Sense program and this research project will seek to develop evaluative criteria, create and effective enrichment materials for two of these focus areas.

First Nations Entrepreneurship Development, Capacity Building and Governance: Applied Perspectives

The proposed research project objectives are to enable the participating First Nations to identify strengths and weaknesses related to economic development and governance; develop policies and support for entrepreneurship; develop programs for capacity building; strengthen leadership and management skills; build trust and new networks that will inform and involve outsiders.

Advancing Strategic Design for Identity Finding in the Financial Services Industry

PenderFund is a small and growing mutual fund company in an industry facing rapid changes. In order to thrive in the industry, the company needs to become more sophisticated in its sales and marketing techniques. In order to move to its next phase of growth, Pender must first investigate and determine what it stands for—finding a vision and mission to guide its growth. To navigate expected industry shake-ups, Pender must increase its brand awareness and strong reputation across Canada. Primary and secondary research using strategic design processes and the Ask.Try.Do.

Forex data gathering and analysis acceleration and trend prediction

A prototype Forex currency trading system has demonstrated a proof of concept on a static data set. The current project proposes to implement the trading system for real-time applications using the tools of predictive analysis, As data arrives in the trading system it will automatically update the buy/sell recommendations with estimates of probability of success. Multiple predictors will be integrated to make the best possible prediction.

Esdilagh Development Corporation Business Action Plan Research and Development

Esdilagh Development Corporation (EDC) business Interns to perform business development research to inform the composition of business plans to ensure we have professional business guidance tools to assist EDC in engaging in business sectors as identified in the Esdilagh Economic Development Plan and Investment Profile completed in 2011. Project goals are to produce professional quality Business Plans for:


The intention of the Arch-App is to create a mobile app that utilizes geo-location and augmented reality technologies to access data (including imagery, videos, and text) on building projects throughout the city in real time. The infrastructure of the Arch-App effectively provides users a resources (ranging from historic imagery to notable interviews) and tour guides to any local landmark in the real world condensed into their smartphones.  Currently, there is no such infrastructure which, supports said goals of Arch-App.

Implementation of collaborative regional sustainable development strategies: An international study on structure and outcomes

Global and local policy makers require realistic information about options to achieve sustainable development. To this end, this research project aims to improve understanding of the institutional dynamics related to implementing community sustainability strategies and the resulting plan outcomes. Plan outcomes are the concrete sustainability improvements, linked to the goals in the community sustainability strategies (e.g., reduction in  greenhouse gas emissions)(Clarke & Fuller, 2011; MacDonald, 2012).

The One Love Network: Examining Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in a Charity-Based Reward System

The goal of the current proposal is to evaluate the effectiveness of a rewards program that incorporates social responsibility into the product/service purchase. Whereas other reward programs provide the reward to the program member, this program instead allots a part of the purchase to the member to later donate to a charity of their choice (that must be connected with the program). This rewards program is a novel approach to creating customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Elder Financial Abuse: What role should banks and financial institutions play regarding intervention in cases of suspected financial abuse, involving power of attorney arrangements?

Elder financial abuse is a nation-wide problem that affects banks and investment firms. Many experts recognize that a large number of these elder financial abuse cases involve power of attorney arrangements (Sasha Angus, personal communication, July 2013). Ambiguity exists regarding the role of banks and financial institutions regarding this problem. OBSI regularly encounters these types  of financial abuse cases involving power of attorney arrangements.

Modeling of Currency Trading Markets and Pricing their Derivatives in Markov-modulated Environment

The proposed research project, undertaken by the intern, is devoted to the modeling of currency trading markets and their derivatives in Markov-modulated environment and possible creation proprietary algorithm trading software for this case with EUR/USD as a trading model. The research covered by these activities will include the development of the domestic and foreign equity and commodity markets and their prices of risk in Markov-modulated environment, and also possible creation proprietary algorithm trading software with underlying EUR/USD as a trading model.