Identification and Evaluation of Exemplary Practices of Initiatives for the Commercialization of Innovation

The project aims to improve The Centre of Excellence for Commercialization of Research (CCR)’s business model and develop potential practices that would further help Canadian companies in commercialization. In this project the intern will identify the most effective practices including those as may generalize to improve the partner organization’s commercialization model. The project aims to classify programs and services which are related to CCR’s objective of having exemplary commercialization practices.

A phase-type model for health status transitions

The main objective of the proposed research is to develop a flexible and mathematically tractable disability model.  The model will describe the rates of transition between health, disability, and death, allow one to explore factors affecting disability incidence and duration and their trends, and facilitate the computation of probabilities associated with future disabilities.  This model will be valuable to London Life, as they have significant amounts of both individual and group disability insurance in force.  The model will provide a tool for analyzing their experience, pricing their di

Optimization for Risk and Portfolio Management

The recent global financial crisis has made risk management a foremost concern of regulatory agencies and corporations worldwide. As the world's leading provider of enterprise risk solutions, Algorithmics Incorporated continues to showcase, and rely on, the talents of Ontario's R&D professionals in meeting the demands of the financial industry. Given the rapidly expanding scope and complexity of risk-aware management, mathematical innovation is central to Algorithmics' ongoing success.

Qualitative Study for BC Venture Capital Programs Evaluation for UBC-RB

The intern will be responsible for the development and execution of a comprehensive qualitative survey of stakeholders involved in the venture capital programs governed by the SBVCA. The survey will include: Personnel from companies participating in the program, angel investors, venture capitalists and ‘friends and family’ that have invested in eligible companies. SURVEY OBJECTIVES The quantitative data analysis will guide the type of qualitative information to be gathered in the survey.

Investor Return Calculations for an Evaluation of the British Columbia Equity Capital Program

The MITACS intern will help the partners at the Rocket Builders Canada Ltd. and the University of Victoria to evaluate the B.C. equity capital program (ECP) administered under the British Columbia Small Business Venture Capital Act. The main deliverables of the MITACS intern are to: (1) estimate the returns of investors under the equity capital program, (2) estimate the amount of capital gains tax the ECP has or will generate, and (3) perform a “survival analysis” of the companies that benefited from the ECP since the year 2000.

The Local Food Economy: Economics and Significant Gaps

Vancouver is a city that is rich in history and is recognized not only as a premiere city, it continually ranks among the worlds best. The city’s diverse breadth of employment, activities and people has vastly influenced the way food is grown, consumed and celebrated. Strategic infrastructure investment, one of the guiding principles championed by the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, has inspired the development of this study. It is crucial that the food industry maintains its integrity given the importance to other related industries in the Lower Mainland.

Starworks (Developing Disability Association) New Market Potential

The intern will conduct literature review and database queries to locate new industries for Starworks (social enterprise of the Developmental Disabilities Association) to target marketing of their assembly services (tradeshow bag stuffing, test kit assembly, product re]labeling, etc). The intern will then conduct email and telephone surveys to measure willingness to pay and fit with Starworks abilities. Two industries will be selected and local firms selected for in]depth interviews to understand potential customer specific needs and barriers to use.