A National Study of Trans Men and Non-Binary People’s Sexual Health and Wellness

Sex Now is a community-based health survey for gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in Canada. It is one of only a few studies of GBMSM to be inclusive of transgender men and non-binary people which presents a novel and exciting opportunity to understand these groups’ sexual health and wellness outcomes and needs in order to create public health interventions that are targeted and appropriate to them.

Acceptability of Multimedia animations as preoperative multi-language guides for surgical patients in Montreal

Effective patient communication is challenging and obstacles such as health literacy, culture and language play a vital role in comprehension and can influence treatment outcomes. Tools to help healthcare professionals educate patients present limitations, particularly for patients with barriers to traditional teaching methods. Preoperative education helps patients to experience less anxiety, take an active role in decision-making process, and increase self-efficacy.

Evaluating and optimizing rural and urban lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and Two-Spirit (LGBTQI2S) engagement with hospice and palliative care in the Island Health Region

Existing research focused on the experiences of gay and lesbian older adults with the health care system report that there is a general distrust and reluctance to access healthcare based upon the cumulative effect of discrimination over the life course. At present, while 75% of Canadians have indicated they would like to die at home, 45% of Vancouver Island residents die of in acute care. Clearly there exists a service gap and it appears possible that such a gap may be larger in the LGBTQI2S community.

Children’s Treatment Centre Design Standard

Children’s treatment centres provide specialized services to support children and youth with special needs to live life at their full potential. The design of these spaces significantly impacts the experience and well-being of the children that they serve. Children with special needs include individuals with challenges or delays in their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, verbal, and/or behavioural development.

Designing a Driving Simulator in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment as an Engaging Driving Game for Older Adults

In this project a driving simulator in virtual reality will be designed and developed, in which a user can drive a virtual vehicle in a country road with incoming cars and traffic lights and possibly some animals crossing the road. The users will learn the path to reach a destination through the trial and then they are supposed to drive the virtual vehicle in the same pathway and by doing so, strengthen their spatial navigation skills. The game will be played by a physical steering wheel and two pedals for acceleration and brake like a real car.

A randomized control trial comparing weight loss effects between the Keyto virtual “ketogenic diet” program compared to a standard-care weight loss app

Over 60% of overweight or obese individuals attempt weight loss diets each year. Although many different dietary approaches can lead to weight loss, increasing evidence suggests that a very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet may have superior metabolic and weight loss effects. However, any diet is only as effective as adherence to it and adherence requires effective self-monitoring.

Piloting and Evaluating a DTES Community Steward Program

Community stewardship is an emerging paradigm in income generation activities for marginalized populations. Drawing on residents with lived experience, stewardship creates employment through utilizing local-residents as custodians in parks, plazas and other public spaces. In order to fully develop these opportunities a common curriculum needs to be developed.

Facilitating Service Network Navigation: Developing a Model for Individuals with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities and their Families - Year two

Adults with Autism (ASD) and/or intellectual disabilities (ID) who seek medical and dental treatments often require specialized interventions that are not always accessible in the community. The Centre for Innovation in Autism and Intellectual Disabilities See Things my Way clinic (STMW) developed a specialized Medical/Dental Clinic to address this important gap.

Succeed and Stay

The Greater Saint John area struggles. Too many people are leaving, not enough people are moving in. If this continues, governments will have great trouble. It will be hard to pay for road repairs, keeping schools open and so on. Likewise, employers already struggle to find people for the positions that do open up. Locals either cannot or will not take the several hundred jobs that do exist. The region does attract some immigrants from outside Canada, but only about 25 out of 100 decide to stay here.

Serum Protein and Antibody Interactions with Immunomagnetic Cell Isolation Particles

Immunomagnetic cell isolation particles are widely used to separate cells from complex, biological environments, such as blood, urine, or bone marrow. Cell isolation particles are typically decorated with specialized antibodies to bind to targeted cell surfaces via specific antibody–antigen interactions. These interactions can be disturbed by the presence of serum proteins, which are common constituents of cell isolation buffers to prevent cell aggregation.