Testbed for New Energy-Efficient Data Center

Data centers are being deployed worldwide. They provide the fundamental computing and communication resources for both business customers and regular consumers. Different from traditional data centers, today's data centers must have the capability to provide services to millions of users on a dynamic basis. New data centers are designed to deploy large number of commodity servers and low-cost Ethernet switches to achieve scalability and cost efficiency. Energy consumption is another major issue that must be addressed.

Development of an isobar separator for anions for accelerator mass spectrometry

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry is a highly sensitive technique for measuring the concentration of certain long-lived isotopes, such as carbon-14. Recently, the use of an ion-gas reaction cell before the accelerator has been shown to enhance this sensitivity, particularly for smaller accelerators, and to extend the application of this technique to more isotopes. Isobarex Corporation has been formed to develop a commercial instrument embodying this technology and is currently designing such an instrument.

Targeted Search and Match-making using Web Mining and Case-based Reasoning

While a significant number of tools have been developed to extract from web repositories information relevant to some search criteria, the unstructured nature of the returned information limits the ability to extract automatically concise and meaningful profiles. The purpose of this project is to develop anintelligent framework using case-based reasoning and semantic similarity to encode expert knowledgeon extracting meaningful and concise profiles for individuals and organizations, and enable effectivematching of the profiles.

Enhancements/Tools for an Intelligent Voice-Centric Application

For educational voice-centric applications on computer and electronic devices, the proposed project aims to investigate methodologies and tools to support collaborative production environments. The company is developing proprietary collaborative production methods to support high quality on-demand content for mobile applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Virtual Hamilton

This research project entails the development and user study assessment of a prototype participatory urban planning tool for the City of Hamilton (Virtual Hamilton), which integrates GIS data with a 3D virtual city model to facilitate stakeholder visualization, collaboration, content contribution, and communication.

Fluids and Fracture for Video Games

Animated fluid effects based on physical simulation have been a staple part of the visual effects industry. They are characterized by offline simulation and rendering that produces high-fidelity dynamics and visuals. As the technology for computer games advances, the opportunity to create such effects in real-time as either a playback technique or dynamic simulation is becoming feasible. The internship will explore the integration of fast methods for fluid dynamics and fracture dynamics to determine their effectiveness for use in the video game industry.

Building an Innovative Idea Management Tool

The research aims to help the partner company, Analytic Design Group, assess the market potential for developing an Idea Management application, use experience-based analysis to investigate the functionality of an innovative idea management application, and to evaluate the expected returns for undertaking this project. This is carried out by researching the software market for similar applications. Then, an experience-based detailed analysis of the closest matches is done to gather insights from competitors’ application.

Using Resource Public Key Infrastructure for Secure Border Gateway Protocol

BCNET’s mandate is to provide shared technology services such as cloud computing, VoIP, disaster recovery solutions, and telepresence to its members using an advanced network connected to the backbone of the Internet. Today, the core members of BCNET are UBC, UVic, SFU, BCIT, TRU, and UNBC. Any attack may interfere in the operation and the connectivity of the network, may interrupt research activities of the educational institutes, and the ripple effect may propagate to the neighbor Autonomous Systems.

The Voice of e-Democracy Panel in the City of Markham

The proposed project will help develop an online forum that can be used as a public consultation tool for governments as they make important public policy decisions. This forum will be developed and tested in the City of Markham as a case study. The model will then be refined so that it can be applied to other jurisdictions. The result will be a framework and online panel that can be used by various actors to communicate with and learn firsthand from citizens through digital technology.

Building an automated text mining algorithm to extract location-based information

Text documents often include information pertaining to geographic locations. Mapping these place names to specific geographic locations (e.g., GIS) requires a considerable amount of human effort. This becomes challenging especially when the same place name is represented by multiple places, such as in the naming of waterbodies (e.g. lakes and rivers).