Detecting Malicious Insiders in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud Computing represents a significant shift in how computing resources and services are being used. While it opens up an era of promising innovations, it raises significant security challenges which must be addressed for ubiquitous adoption of the technology. Malicious insider activities have been identified as one of the top threats faced by cloud environments. The purpose of the current MITACS proposal is to research and develop an insider detection scheme for cloud computing environment based on user behavioral activities and patterns.

Terrain Sensing Mechanisms for High-Speed Navigation of UGVs in Heterogeneous Ground Environments

This project will implement and test high speed autonomous navigation algorithms for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). The algorithms will i) sense the terrain, ii) determine the interaction between the terrain and the UGV such as forces induced on the UGV as it moves, and iii) autonomously determine the maximum allowable speed and turning radius of a UGV traversing unknown off-road terrains while maintaining safe conditions at all times for users, the UGV, and the environment.

Design and Development of Actuation and Control Systems for the Synchronized Segmentally Interchanging Pulley Transmission System (SSIPTS)

This research project is responsible for the design, development, and experimentation of the actuation and control systems for the synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system, SSIPTS. SSIPTS is a novel variable mechanical transmission that offers the combined benefits of existing transmission systems for both automotive and wind industries. To ensure high reliability at the high speed and load conditions required for both automotive and wind turbine applications, SSIPTS will need high speed actuator and control systems.

Analyzing and benchmarking a large-scale laboratory utilization data through network analysis and visualization techniques

Dr. Calvino Cheng Incorporated aims at developing higher health care quality and efficiency through the increased use of automation and better data visualization. Within Capital District Health Authority (CDHA), 3/5 of laboratory ordering originates in the outpatient setting. This is at approximately a cost of $3.3 million per month (CDHA quality assurance data). Unfortunately it is currently not possible to interpret any laboratory ordering data without insights into size, type, network, and practice patterns of both family practices and walk-in clinics.

Bringing the Personal Web to Clinical Decision Support

IBM CAS Research Canada has created the Personal Web initiative, a new form of web interaction that is user-centred, restful, and fueled by understanding of personal context and semantics. This project will apply the principles of the Personal Web to the problem of clinical decision making, utilizing the powerful data analysis capabilities of IBM SPSS and IBM Cognos.

Increasing Marketing Campaign Performance Using Influential Users in Social Networks

Social networks have become an important information hub with a huge customer base. Hence businesses are trying to leverage social networks in their advertising and marketing campaigns. One of the advantages of social networks is that users can influence their community and friends. Detecting influential users provides multiple benefits for businesses such as more effective advertisement and better user involvement. Many techniques, focusing on network centrality metrics, have been developed to detect influential users.