Privateye electronic navigational aids for individuals with vision impairments

This research project will support the design of electronic navigational aids for enhancing mobility for individuals with vision impairments. The researchers will work closely with members from the vision-impaired community throughout the project period to understand the contexts where such aids could be helpful to them and to evaluate the usability of relevant components, products and services.

Photonic Generation of THz Waves

The electromagnetic spectrum between infrared light and microwave radiation, known as the TeraHertz (THz) spectrum, has recently attracted a great deal of interest due to its wide and unigue applications, As readily sources for such a spectrum are not available, several technigues have been developed to realize THz generation, Nonetheless, achieving an efficient, tunable, and low cost THz sources remain a serious challenge, In this project, we are aiming to model, design, and experimentally demonstrate THz generation in a nonlinear optical medium, This can be achieved by the mean of mixing

Towards a Cognitively Informed Music Knowledge Base

Music Information Retrieval is a burgeoning area of industry that assists consumers in retrieving information from increasingly large databases of music. waveDNA is an Ontario-based music software development company focused on building upon its proprietary algorithms for digital music representation and analysis in ways that make unique contributions to this field. The aim of the proposed research project, involving a collaboration between the postdoctoral fellow (Naresh Vempala) at Ryerson's SMART lab and the partner company waveDNA, is to develop a cognitively-based analysis engine.

Decision Support for Database Administrators using Warehouse-as-a-Service (DSDAware)

In the new technological era, an immense volume of data is generated every moment from a variety of sources that need to be filtered and stored securely. Database administrators (DBA) are facing increasing pressure to ensure higher performance and reliability for database management systems (DBMS). A new generation of management tools and service-based interfaces are needed to assist the DBAs with expert information and knowledge gathered from analysis of the monitoring data stored in large data warehouses and from experience reports of the DBAs of the legacy mainframe DBMSs.

Advanced Design of Compact and Broadband Antennas for Vehicular Wireless Communications

Modern society has come to depend significantly on its wireless communication systems. However, the technologies for wireless communication still need to be improved further to satisfy the demands for higher capacity and higher data rates. In vehicular wireless communication systems, one of the key issues is the design of compact antennas while providing wideband performance. This project focuses on novel antenna design achieving very wide bandwidth or multi-band multi-functional performance, compact configuration, omni-directional radiation pattern and ease of fabrication.

Online Geospatial Data Cleaning and Clustering

MRF Geosystems Corporation is an experienced Geographical Information System (GIS) firm specializing in GIS-related application development, data conversion and GIS consulting services. This project will be focused on developing an online geospatial data analysis platform which offers clustering function and map visualization with a spatial data clean module. This will be achieved by two main parts. The first is improving existing MRF multi-tolerance data cleaning techniques. This will reduce the human workload and cost of data cleaning.

Spectrum Sensing and Awareness for Cognitive and Intelligent Radios: Algorithm Implementation, Integration and Testing

This project encompasses the development of a suite of algorithms for spectrum sensing and awareness, and integration and testing in the partner company’s radio systems. The algorithms concern joint signal detection, modulation classification, and parameter estimation. In this project, the theoretical findings and experimental studies will complement each other, with the target outcome of adding further functionalities to the existing radio platform products developed by the partner company.

Visualizing meaningful changes in multivariate data of the hemodynamic response during cortical activation

This project involves working with researchers at the Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto to aid them in developing safer and more advanced brain]computer machines for individuals with severe physical limitations. The intern is developing a computer-based visual analytics tool that will help them further interpret the data they are collecting about brain activity. This tool will enable them to identify and compare change points in the data which could not previously be identified; a necessary step to developing advanced brain]computer machines.

Modelling User Web Browsing Behaviour for Relevant Content-based Retrieval

Building a mathematical model of how user behaves on a website is a useful method for determining what a user does and does not like. This model allows for information relevant to a user to be presented without having the user go out and find the information by themselves. These types of systems, generally known as “recommender systems” allow websites to provide custom content to users without a user having to explicitly state what they are interested in. WhoThaMan wants to develop such a system so that users are presented with sports news articles that are relevant to them.

Managing Service Level Agreements in Distributed Systems

This project seeks to simplify the development and management of business processes deployed on a distributed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The target architecture is an enterprise system with distributed services coordinated by application workflows or business processes. Declarative goals, specified in Service Level Agreements (SLA), are used to assist in the development of such applications, and to automate the monitoring, deployment, and resource provisioning tasks.