Integration and Assessment of Compiled Parallel Bit Stream Technology in High Performance Text Processing Applications

International Characters, Inc., based on research at Simon Fraser University, has developed high-performance software techniques for reading text files in various formats into databases. However, programming using those techniques can be difficult and error-prone. New research has shown that this form of programming can be automated to a considerable extent. This project is to evaluate the automatically-generated software and determine how easily it can be integrated into important commercial applications.

Efficient Object Segmentation and Video Compression for Eye Tracking Applications

The main objective of this research project is to propose and develop efficient image segmentation methods for measuring the location of the center of the pupil in video frames captured by a real-time eye-tracker system, and to design an overall software program in order to investigate the performance of the developed methods in real situations. Based on the obtained results, we would be able to suggest which method would be the best choice for the proposed application.

Efficient Modeling of Large-Scale LIDAR Date

Softree Technical Systems Inc has been providing innovative software solutions for surveying, mapping and engineering for more than 15 years. Softree's main mission is to provide high quality software applications in land development, civil engineering and the naturalresource industries. Recently, the company has developed a robust software to process the terrain data gathered from a LIDAR system. The main objective of the application is to provide the user with the ability to draw, label, manipulate, and extract some features of the terrain.

Modeling, Simulation and Design Optimization of an Ultra High Frequency Panel Antenna

The proliferation of wireless devices has demanded improvements of wireless communication technology. Panel antennas are a type of reflector antenna in which an array of driven elements is mounted in front of a flat, metallic reflector. When designing, optimizing or perhaps just selecting a commercially available antenna, electromagnetic characteristics are generally the most used parameters to judge the efficiency and adequacy of an antenna.

Synchronous Fusion for Continuous Biometrics Authentication

Existing authentication techniques are vulnerable to many attacks and abuses, such as password-capturing spyware, network sniffing, social engineering and unauthorized sharing. In this context, a new identity verification technology termed continuous authentication uses behavioural biometrics to ensure that the user is not using an identity that has been highjacked or stolen.This is performed by monitoring and processing periodically biometrics infromation from human computer interactions data such as mouse movements and keystrokes.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Recognition

The project shall explore the cutting-edge research and technologies in monitoring daily activities using a set of sensors deployed in the house. The objective of the research is to provide a feasible solution for improving care for patients with chronic disease, while significantly reducing the healthcare cost. We will conduct a comparative study on the existing models for characterizing human activities, and algorithms for activity recognition.

Colour Perception with MicroTile Digital Displays

This project will evaluate the quality of color video displays and will provide quantitative information for color scientists to use to evaluate different models of color differences. The data will be obtained using color normal observers and using non-invasive psychophysical procedures to evaluate color perception with video displays. The results of these experiments in addition to providing basic science data, will help Christie Digital by providing a quantitative analysis of color performance with the new display technology that has been developed by them.

Glass-Telepresence Communication System

The research will result in a working prototype of an innovative two-way, high-resolution video and audio communications system, codenamed "GLASS". The prototype is to utilize projection technologies developed by Christie Digital Systems, video cameras, audio capture and playback components, and synchronization software developed by the intern. The system will allow people to communicate over any distance via full-size, high resolution video, high quality audio, unimpeded by the affordances typical of extant videoconferencing systems.

Aspects of Current Measurement with Single-site Long Range High Frequency Radar: Part 2

High frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) is one of many istruments that may be used to measure characteristics of the ocean surface. These radars transmit radio waves which scatter from the ocean. Some of the scattered wave energy, which is received at the radar site, contains information on ocean surface currents, waves and winds. For about three decades researchers have been developing models to better explain the actual scattering process and how to extract the ocean characteristics which are imprinted on the radar signal.

Network Design with Optimal Cut-Off Time

In this project we proposed to use mathematical programming approaches to an optimization problem where a depot has to stop receiving orders from stores and fulfill the received orders using trucks. The depot can use different cut-off times to different stores and considering order arriving patterns and transportation efficiency. We will develop heuristic and exact algorithms to the optimization problem with an objective of maximizing the sum of orders processed in a day. The optimization is subject to varous contraints such as transportation capacity and delivery time window.