Energy Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis for selected industrial and commercial Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) Customers

The objective of this proposal is to do energy assessment and cost-benefits analyses among selected industrial and commercial Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) customers, engaging Ryerson faculty and students. EGD operates defamed side management (DSM) programs to encourage its industrial customers to adopt energy saving equipment and strategies to reduce the natural gas consumption. As a part of DSM program, EGD is partnering with Ryerson University to undertake the energy assessments for small and medium size industrial customers.

Obesity Research

The goal of this study is to look at the effects of healthy lifestyle on obesity status in men who are middle aged, slightly overweight and don’t exercise. This study will use exercise and nutrition guidelines to look at their effect on some of the hormones which maintain healthy body weight. Subjects enrolled in this research will engage in healthy eating and exercise training for 3 months as well as have various tests during the study to see how you change during this period of time.

Ice thickness measurement using P-Band radar

Sea ice thickness measurement is very important since it can be considered as an indicator of the state of ocean circulation and associated air-sea heat exchange within the Polar Regions. As a result, it can have a significant impact on global heat balance and ocean thermohaline circulation. However, obtaining sea ice thickness in a large area with sufficiently high accuracy and sensitivity is very challenging since it shows a great amount of spatial and temporal variability. The approaches reported in the past have significant restrictions in penetration depth, sensitivity and logistics.

Passive magnetic method to inspect corrosion of reinforced concrete

Non destructive testing (NDT) methods are way to assess health condition of structures and infrastructures like bridges, underground pipelines, and buildings. Different kind of physical properties of material are basis of NDT methods. The most important of these properties are wave’s velocity, electrical conductivity, electro-magnetic, and magnetic properties. Magnetic property is especial characteristic for such kind of metals which their name is ferromagnetic material. Iron and steel are main ferromagnetic materials for making infrastructures.

Geological and Geophysical Studies of Source and Reservoir Units in the Flemish Pass Basin, Offshore Newfoundland

Suncor Energy Inc. and Memorial University will collaborate on a research program for three Master’s student interns to study the crustal structure and geological history of the petroleum-bearing Flemish Pass Basin and adjoining Central Ridge, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

Effect of Wax Inhibitors on the Flow behavior of the Caledonia Field Paraffinic Oil in Consolidated Porous Media at Reservoir and Production Conditions

The proposed research activities aim the chemical and physical characterization of the wax contained in the Caledonia crude oil for the establishment of customized wax remediation alternatives. It also proposes the evaluation of the effectiveness of the optimum remediation treatments through the establishment of the flow performance of the original oil and treated oil in porous media at actual reservoir and production conditions.

Large-deformation finite element modeling of seabed sediments for offshore oil and gas development

Large amounts of crude oil and natural gas are located deep beneath Canada’s ocean floors. Currently, the offshore oil and gas industry makes a significant contribution to Canadian economy. Proper geotechnical modeling of seabed sediment is very important for safe, economic and reliable development and operation of offshore systems. The proposed research will advance the technologies required in the design of offshore foundations and anchors, subsea pipelines and risers.

Introducing Algorithm Trading/Investment to Hedge Funds and Family Offices

The intern will implement a comprehensive market validation study for two target markets: currency hedge funds and family offices. The plan will outline the size of the target markets, the competitive environment, the CTS Forex advantage, and the most efficient marketing channels. In addition, the intern will help in the development of two websites: 1. The corporate website to ensure it communicates the CTS Forexʼ’s value proposition effectively to the two target markets, 2. A website that aims to become a credible source on the performance of all trading systems in the market.

Selective removal of neutral nitrogen compounds from heavy gas oil

Heavy gas oil (HGO) obtained from Athabasca bitumen is very difficult to hydrotreat due to high sulfur and nitrogen content. It is proposed that removal of non-basic nitrogen species from HGO prior to hydrotreating will strongly enhance desulfurization process and improve the length of catalytic cycle.

Effect of anisotropy in thermal-hydro-mechanical properties on casing and caprock integrity

Argillaceous shales comprise a large proportion of rocks in most sedimentary basins. They serve as caprocks in the projects of petroleum industry. Maintaining borehole and caprock integrity is to prevent disasters such as borehole collapse and leakage through caprocks. Thermal-hydro-mechanical properties of argillaceous shales have decisive controls on the integrity analysis. As a kind of clay rich geomaterial, argillaceous shales feature in oriented fabric and have anisotropic behaviors.