Threats to urban-forest sustainability in Halifax Regional Municipality

Our research aims to provide reliable information to HRM’s urban forestry staff for decision-making to enhance the sustainability of the city’s tree population. One student will investigate the factors that contribute to poor health and mortality of new street trees, aiming to assist the urban forestry staff to alleviate these factors in future plantings.

Rural Philanthropy: Mapping Patterns of Charitable Giving in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada’s Atlantic Region

With ever-changing rural economies and landscapes, it is essential to identify alternative ways that charitable and non-profits organizations, as well as communities, can be adaptive and resilient to the changing circumstances they face.
In partnership with McConnell Foundation and IBEC, this project will examine the environmental philanthropic landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador and Atlantic Canada to better understand the challenges, barriers and potential of gaining charitable status to support environmentally focused charities and non-profits.

Supporting Canadian families: A national review of the F&ST program

Family Service Canada (FSC) is a Canadian nonprofit organization dedicated to building healthy families. One program delivered by FSC, called Family & Schools Together, has been shown to help families become more involved in their children’s education and support student’s learning but it has not yet been researched in Canada. To find out if this program is helpful for Canadian families, we will be interviewing FSC staff, families, children, and teachers across five FSC sites to determine whether or not they feel the F&ST program is effective.

An Investigation into the Role of Fe Mineralogy in Hydrocarbon Remediation in Western Canadian Soils

Contamination of soils with toxic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene) is a widespread environmental concern in Canada. Remediation of contaminated soils is often destructive to land resources. In-situ remediation built on soil infiltration with biostimulatory solutions represents an effective approach that bypasses this drawback, however field studies suggest it is not effective under all conditions. The reason for this, however, is unclear.

Next-Generation Coating Materials for Architectural Lighting

Architectural and decorative lighting have significant impacts on our daily lives, especially our moods and mental health. We propose to combine supramolecular chemistry and cellulose nanocrystal gels, two intriguing research field in chemistry and material sciences, in order to develop the next-generation coating materials for architectural lighting. Such gel materials have the ability to change color and pattern spontaneously over time, which can be programmed or customized.

Efficacy of online games for ocean career education

Ocean industries hold many opportunities for employment for the future Nova Scotian work force. However, Nova Scotian junior high students have a poor understanding and a lack of interest in Nova Scotia’s available ocean careers. Ocean career education through online interactive games could increase Nova Scotian students’ interest in ocean careers. By having students try the games and offering us their feedback through surveys we can determine how effective these online games are for increasing student’s interest in ocean related careers.

Improvement to the tool for Reliability-based Quantitative Analysis of Dents in Pipelines

The aim is to improve a software tool for reliability-based quantitative analysis of dents (QuAD) in pipelines developed by Enbridge. QuAD is a tool used to predict the failure for dented pipelines, so that the deteriorated pipeline segments can be reliably identified for excavation to avoid failure. The critical concern with the current QuAD tool is its inefficiency due to long analysis time and the potential room for accuracy improvement.

Development of carbonaceous adsorbents from Moringa Stenopetala Seed Waste for removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants from aqueous solution

The aim of this project is to prepare carbonaceous adsorbents from Moringa stenopetala seed husks for removal of contaminants such as heavy metals and dyes from aqueous solution of commercial interest. The proposed project will examine the developed carbonaceous adsorbents to determine their adsorption capacity, kinetics, selectivity for specific contaminants, at different operating conditions. This research will help partner organization to convert the available agri-waste at their site to valuable products, i.e., to develop adsorbents for commercialization in water treatment applications.

Strategies for Mitigation and Management of Water Risks in Mining

Mining companies and their investors face a range of business risks stemming from water issues. This research develops new tools and frameworks to improve water management and ultimately reduce water-related risks. The work will include advancement of water risk assessment tools for the mining sector, development of new approaches for water balance modelling, and an examination of response options for mitigating local-level water risks. At two case study sites, alternative response options will be analyzed through a unique combination of multi-criteria analysis and hydro-economic analysis.

User Experience Design of Next-Generation Electronic Pocket Notebook for Law Enforcement Agencies

Mobile note-taking has soon taken over our digital world. With many digital applications offered on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. We want to further improve on this experience for those working in the law-enforcement industry and create an easy, and readily accessible application for police officers’ use. This mobile application will be a productive alternative to the paper and pens that so many are currently using.
Mobile Innovations delivers secure mobile data applications for Law Enforcement to operate on Android, iPhone & Windows.