Quality control for printed electronics manufactures – Part 2

Printed electronics is a fabrication method that allows for the high-volume production of flexible electronic devices, but is limited because it is still too expensive due to the lack of an efficient and effective quality control solution. This project focuses on the transformation of a laboratory-proven quality control method into an industrial-scale prototype product.

Understanding minke whale migration, feeding, and population structure in the North Atlantic

Minke whales are common in the North Atlantic, but there are huge gaps in scientific knowledge about the species. Through collaboration with Mériscope, we will attach satellite tags to minke whales that feed in the St Lawrence Estuary (SLE) in the summer to track where they migrate throughout the rest of the year. At the same time, we will collect tissue samples from the SLE minkes, which we will analyze in comparison with minke whales across other parts of the Atlantic.

Evaluation of Gene Delivery Methods

This project is aimed at understanding evaluating and reviewing gene therapy methodologies used in products in development, assessing the risk and safety and regulatory investigations in different regions of the world. There is limited guidance and regulatory expertise in this area and current drug candidates are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the regulatory authorities under existing international guidelines. The intern will aid in furthering this study with assistance from staff and scientists at Charles River labs.

Development of Automated Pollen Counting System

Pollen allergies affect quality of life and respiratory health. Climate change is impacting the amount of pollen in the environment. The study objective is to develop a sampling instrument that will automatically collect, identify, and count airborne pollens for clinicians and scientists. The challenge will be to develop a reasonably priced instrument, of compact size, which can operate reliably and independently for many days.

Development of an annular array histotripsy transducer with co-registered ultrasound imaging

This project will focus on the design, fabrication and testing of an annular array-based histotripsy transducer that will improve the combined ultrasound imaging and therapy endoscopic device currently in development at Daxsonics. Histotripsy is a method of focusing high intensity ultrasound waves to liquify tissue and is a promising new method of accurately removing tumors with much less damage to surrounding tissue than current methods. This device will be part of a surgical suite for minimally invasive neurosurgery, enabling removal of tumors with extremely high precision.

Building a Mobile Application to identify Factors that Impact Student Success and Mental Health Amongst Living Arrangements: Part 2

This research seeks to inform the development of, and fully test and develop a mobile application designed to improve the process in which students’ find accommodation and roommates. I will develop wireframes and ask users to provide feedback on how to improve the platform. Then I will take the information collected to develop a prototype that can successfully match students based on preferences to help them in selecting a roommate.

Cultural Diversity and the Persistence of the BIPOC Community in the Chemical Sciences

The representation of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) community decreases at higher levels of education/academia. This phenomenon is proverbially referred to as the ‘leaky pipeline’ and has been studied extensively with various populations in multiple disciplines.

Coaching Mental Health Providers and Adults to Achieve Optimal Sleep

Millions of Canadians struggle with insomnia, but common methods of dealing with poor sleep (e.g., medication) have poor side effects, do not have lasting effects, and are not preferred by patients and providers. Although cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is the gold-standard treatment, there is limited access because most mental health practitioners (MPHs) do not have sufficient training to deliver CBT-I. To address this problem, Dr.

Developing a Field Deployable Assay System for Environmental Monitoring

There are currently over 9,000 potentially contaminated sites in Canada that require environmental assessment. The Field Deployable Assay (FDA) is a simple and cost-effective method for performing accurate environmental monitoring and site assessments. The FDAs are composed of a stationary main body and a variety of interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges act as miniature greenhouses, easily allowing for the monitoring of the growth of plants and fungus over an extended period.

Behavioral mapping Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to Predict Individual Behaviors and Team Dynamics

This project tackles the issue of knowledge incompleteness and lack of domain coverage in resume and job posting matching caused by the exploitation of domain-general resources. A variety of co-operative semantic/ontological resources will be used to filter out irrelevant resumes. A two-way (candidate to job and job to candidate) semantic-based automatic suitability ranking is proposed. The suitability is determined by the semantic distance of resumes and job postings, evaluated by their word embeddings.