Green technology for the derivation of pharmaceutically important compounds from marine invertebrates and subsequent development of platform for controlled drug delivery

Some species of marine invertebrates are rich source of diverse bioactive molecules with variety of therapeutic properties including immunostimulatory, anticancer and antimicrobial. This research aims to develop an integrated process for the sequential extraction and fractionation of pharmaceutically important from a selected marine invertebrates using supercritical carbon dioxide. The newly developed process will be a greener alternative to the conventional extraction methods and eliminate/reduce the use of toxic organic solvents, employed in the conventional process.

The effect of an affective music recommendation system and auditory beat stimulation on anxiety in the student population

Chronic anxiety is a growing psychological disorder worldwide and in Canada. Even when anxiety presents at pre-clinical levels, it can be disabling. Anti-anxiety drugs have many adverse side-effects. In some cases, listening to music decreases anxiety more effectively than anti-anxiety drugs. Binaural beats may also reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. This project will examine the potential additive effects of combining the anxiety reducing properties of calm inducing music and binaural beats.

The development of a serum-free media formulation for cultured meat production

Cultured meat production has enormous potential to supplement the global protein supply. However, it has yet to become a consumer product due to high production costs, which are mainly attributed to the cell growth media. We intend to develop a cheap and effective culture media for the growth of animal cells for cultured meat applications. Many traditional cell growth medias rely on supplementation with foetal bovine serum.

Antimicrobial Coatings Development

Copper-based antimicrobial coatings could play a significant role in reducing infections in hospitals and care facilities, reducing spoilage in consumer appliances, and reducing fouling on the hulls of ships. In this project, the development of copper-based coatings will be pursued for a wide variety of surfaces using paints and other advanced coating technologies. The chemical and physical properties of the coatings will be characterized and improved to minimize costs while maintaining effective killing of bacteria and fungi.

Development of the Global Matrix 4.0 Physical Activity Report Card Grades for Children and Youth

Physical inactivity is a growing global health crisis, with childhood physical inactivity being of particular concern. The Global Matrix 4.0 Physical Activity Report Cards for Children and Youth is an initiative aimed at promoting global childhood physical activity through international collaborations. The goal of this project is to further the global promotion of childhood physical activity by contributing to the development of the Global Matrix 4.0.

Investigating the affect of chlorine carbides on fracture toughness in zirconium alloys used for nuclear applications

Zirconium alloys are used extensively in nuclear reactor cores for key components such as fuel assemblies and pressure tubes. It is extremely important that the in-service behavior of these components is well characterized to ensure they remain fit-for-service. This work will investigate the relationship between harmful impurity elements, specifically chlorine, and the fracture toughness of a zirconium alloy, Zr-2.5Nb. It is known that chlorine results in the formation of tiny precipitates, which are particularly damaging because they tend to cluster and form elongated voids, termed fissures.

Translational Oncology Research Data Analysis and Quality Assurance

The proposed project seeks to better understand and study the effective application of data processing tools and quality assurance systems in clinical research. Data from clinical trials is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry because it provides indicators of safety and efficacy of drug treatments for patients. However, processing and reporting on the large amounts of data available has become increasingly difficult, especially for organizations that run complex trials in an international setting.

Developing a mobile screening tool that could predict impairment by leveraging the power of machine learning models

There is a growing need for law enforcement agencies and safety sensitive workplace environments to be able to evaluate impairment. Impairment due to mental cognitive deficits, drugs or alcohol use, prescription medications, or fatigue could all limit a person’s ability to perform a hazardous task safely.
Current testing tools utilize saliva, breath, blood or urine to measure levels of substances that may impair a person’s judgement. These types of tests are invasive, and in many cases not reliable.

Turbulence flow mapping and wave interactions in the tidal channels of Bay of Fundy

Tidal energy takes advantage of water movement due to tides. To extract this energy from places like the Bay of Fundy (NS), turbines similar to a wind turbine but smaller are installed directly under water, not needing a dam. To design the turbines, engineers need to know how the water moves. On the other hand, we need to know how extracting this energy affects the environment.

An Accurate Screening Technique for the Study of Sub-synchronous Controller Interaction in a Power System having Multiple Wind Generators

This research will investigate methodologies for accurate analysis of Sub-synchronous Controller Interaction (SSCI) in a wind-based power system having multiple Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIGs). The approach will extend the candidate’s PhD research which introduced a new method to find a state-space model of a system having multiple HVdc links by using the admittance frequency responses of converters and a state-space model of the ac-network.