Development and implementation of an Edge AI IoT device with domain specific architecture to autonomously monitor children around pools

Costs are continually declining for internet connected devices, known as the internet-of-things (IoT), offering solutions across various consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Concurrently, machine learning (ML) models are continually expanding their deployment platforms, from massive central servers down to microcomputers. Innovative IoT devices will run the ML models without support from central data centers or other computers.

Using community science to protect the butterflies of Canada

Community science is emerging as a powerful tool to answer scientific questions and to involve the public in educational activities. eButterfly, the Montreal Insectarium community science program, is one of the largest citizen science programs on insects in North America, and has great potential to inform management decisions across Canada during these crucial times for biodiversity conservation. During this fellowship, I will use cutting-edge statistical models and capitalize on thousands of checklists collected by volunteers to assess the diversity and status of the butterflies of Canada.

Data-Driven Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for Farm Facilities based on Smart NeatMeter Devices

Canadian agriculture and agri-food system is one of the world’s strongest and plays a critical role in an economy increasingly dominated by manufacturing and service industries. Within the transition toward automation in agriculture and a significantly growing population, the tracking and visualizing farmers’ energy usage has become an unavoidable demand. Besides, the latest development in smart meter installed inside farm barns facilitates the real-time monitoring of various electrical appliances’ energy consumption and in turn help farms operate more efficiently and sustainably.

Navigation and Control of Drones over 5G networks: Enhanced Communication, Adaptive Control and Drone Swarm Collision Avoidance

The current generation of cellular networks, i.e., 4G, made possible multimedia applications such as music and video streaming in the palm of your hand. The upcoming generation of cellular networks, i.e., 5G, enables new types of applications beyond what 4G offered such as augmented virtual reality, Internet of Things, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, connected health equipment and connected industrial robots. Communications with drones are expected to be one of the important applications of 5G networks.

Channel Propagation Study

The goal of the project is to use the data collected by Ericsson field tests to gain a better understanding of the wireless medium through which the signal travels. Such information will include physical parameters, and the direction for which the users’ signals arriver, their locations and velocities. The study will enable Ericsson to build better, more efficient, more reliable and more economic transmission and reception equipment for 5G cellular syste

In Vitro Fundamental Dispersion Studies of Allergens and COVID-19 Sized Particles

Red Maple Trials (Ottawa, ON) created a facility for the research of allergy, in which patients can be exposed (challenged) to airborne allergens and symptoms can be monitored in a controlled manner. The primary clientele of Red Maple Trials are pharmaceutical companies testing allergy medications.

Identifying Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs When Starting and Growing Businesses in Cambodia

This research project will focus on identifying challenges that women entrepreneurs in Cambodia face when starting and/or growing businesses. The purpose of the research is to help organizations identify areas where they can improve their services offered to empower women to start and grow their businesses. This research will be done by collecting participant feedback through the Monkiri E-Learning Application. Participants will be separated into groups and a randomized selection will be interviewed.

Measurement and modelling of stream thermal regimes in the Ottawa River watershed

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Investigating Machine Learning Techniques in Performance Improvement for the Next Generation Wireless Networks

The new generation 5G wireless networks will have a huge impact on the society due to the high bandwidth and capacities they provide. The traffic volume is expected to grow significantly and new varieties of applications, e.g., Internet of Things and vehicular networking, are anticipated. As a result, effective management of the new networks will become much more complicated and challenging. Machine learning techniques have made unprecedented progress in recent years, as they are highly efficient for data-driven applications.

The use of a fast platform to design and develop anti-SARS-CoV-2 peptides for a therapeutic intervention of COVID-19

We are attempting to cure COVID-19! This is a very important initiative! Currently, no cure or vaccines are available to combat SARS-CoV-2. There is an immediate need to develop such therapies. The importance of developing a cure for COVID-19 cannot be overstated! Here, we propose an alternative approach to traditional drug development methods. Our approach provides a very fast and cost-effective method to develop anti-COVID-19 therapies. It is well established that the viral S protein that binds to the human ACE2 receptor.