Developing Guidelines for Building Information Modelling in theContext of Adaptive Reuse.

The growing demand to establish comprehensive BIM standards is demonstrated by a proliferation of both national (BIM Task Group in the United Kingdom and BIMForum in the United States) and international (buildingSMART Alliance) organizations working to that end. Adding to the sense of urgency is pending legislation in the United Kingdom (2016) that will require a BIM for all government building contracts over ?5 million.

Non-Traditional Modulation Schemes

The need for more and more data rates is significantly increasing due to the newly introduced wireless/mobile applications and services. Traditional modulation schemes cannot provide satisfactory long-term solution to this problem. That said, non-traditional modulation (spiral-based modulation) comes into play as a strong candidate to solve the increasing data rate requirements problem. Spiral-based modulation exploits extra degrees of freedom that are not used in traditional modulation schemes.

Housing reconstruction cost model

This project is designed to analyze a list of insurance policies and past claims, and to determine which variables have had a significant influence on the cost of house reconstruction in the case of insurance claims. It is also planned to use a hedonic pricing model to include, where appropriate, the influence of location variables, neighborhood characteristics, and housing characteristics on the cost of house reconstruction.

Mexican Mining Policy and its Relationship with Canadian Investment

Currently, Mexico receives more international investment in the mining sector than any other Latin American country. Throughout the past five years Canadian private investment has accounted for between 70-75% of all international investment. This project aims to explore Canadian investment in the Mexican mining industry in order to determine how, why and when investment occurs.

Supporting Sustainable Architectural Conservation Practices

The proposed internship project deals with the compilation and preparation of relevant scientific content for the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI) Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, which is currently developing an innovative ?Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource.? Also known as OSCAR, this tool is aimed at becoming an ?interactive resource that establishes a clear process and aids in the making of optimal decisions necessary for the sustainable treatment of historic buildings?.

Secure remote Web Proxy without the use of VPN

The aim of project is to establish a secure remote proxy connection between two parties where one party is behind a firewall or say NAT. This strategy is required in Martello’s product, MarWatch where technician is remotely located from client. In case, client faces any trouble, services from technician are invoked making sure they do not have access beyond control panels, etc. Intern has proposed alliance of WebRTC and JSEP (Javascript Session Establishment Protocol) protocol keeping in mind the framework and nature of testing unit (JUnit) used at Martello Technologies.

Intern has his sights set on space

The sights and sounds of Ottawa in the summer are not to be missed, but for Globalink Research intern Yukun Huang, it’s the city’s night skies that he most looks forward to. Yukun’s fascination with space began at a young age with the purchase of his first telescope. Over the years that interest has grown, and has led him to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology with the hopes of one day working in the aerospace industry.

Xahive Expansion Project

The XAHIVE mandate is to improve the privacy and security of communication between professionals. At XAHIVE, Carleton students will be researching a differentiator in communication encryption and decryption coupled with a significant increase the convenience while retaining all levels of existing functionality. Additionally, students will be researching methods and processes to convert XAHIVE into an extensible platform that can be integrated into existing solutions and to enable the development of new solutions by third parties.

Porting Virtual Machine for running on Blackberry and Android Environments

The purpose of this contract is to port SageTea’s Alpha Version of its Virtual Machine for QNX to Android. The Virtual Machine contains approximately 30,000 lines of C Code and has an existing QNX compiling environment. It is able to run Smalltalk (to a limited degree) and is used for running SageTea on Smart Phones. This job is a port of the code from QNX to Android and bring both to a level of readiness to run beta trials on both QNX and Android. We are interested to know if this project can be delivered as installable “services” that can hide the VM model completely.

Exploring the use of the Media Equation in children’s educational cybersecurity games

MediaSmarts’ vision is to ensure children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. This project will redesign one of MediaSmarts cybersecurity games to increase its effectiveness and engagement, through the use of Media Equation principles. The Media Equation is a communication and HCI theory on how humans respond to and interact with computers and new media.