Algorithms for Geometric Networks

Geometric Networks typically are a sparse subgraphs of  a complete graph defined over a set of points embedded in the plane (or space). There are several algorithms which take a complete graph and compute a sparse subgraph satisfying various constraints, e.g.  low diameter, constant degree and fault-tolerant. In our recent work, we have designed algorithms which compute sparse subgraphs of non-complete graphs.

Parallel Computational Weld Mechanics

Goldak Technologies Inc.

Video tracking using Sparse and dense feature-based methods

Weyes Eyes, Inc. is developing a product that uses intelligent video analytics software to alert end users to pre-configured events as they occur in video streams from cameras set up in the home or office. The user will be able to specify which types of events to capture (doors opening, people walking by, etc.) and the software will detect these events using sparse feature-tracking and objectrecognition methods. Many state-of-the-art feature detectors and descriptors may be suitable for this task, and Weyes Eyes wishes to know which ones work best for their specific application.

Canadian youth's awareness of the negative consequences of various drugs: Results from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse's Baseline Youth Awareness Survey

The purpose of the proposed research is to analyze the baseline data from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse's (CCSA) Youth Awareness Survey to provide descriptive information about key beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of Canadian youth aged 10 to 24 years. An important objective is to focus on the self-reported substance use behaviours and perceptions of harm associated with substance use for very young Canadians (eg aged 10 - 13 years). The research will directly feed into the evaluation of the CCSA's Drug Prevention Strategy fo Canada's Youth.

Applications of Covering Arrays in Cyber Risk and Security Compliance

With the integration of once independent control systems into business networks there lies a major security risk that organizations may not be prepared to assess or manage effectively. Without proper testing, these real-time systems are vulnerable to attack which creates a significant risk to the reliability and integrity of these systems. With the use of a mathematical object, the Error Locating Array (ELA), we are able to detect errors in the system whenever the structure of the faulty interactions satisfies certain reasonable assumptions.

Structural Health Monitorring of Bonded Composite Joints

The goal of this internship is to support a project that the NRC has undertaken upon the request of the Department of National Defence to improve the understanding of bonded composite joints specimens and to evaluate the capabilities of existing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technologies as they apply to the CH-149 helicopters or other aging aircraft. To achieve this, a literature review will be carried out. A plan for further testing, analysis and modelling will be developed with the intention of filling the gaps in public knowledge discovered during the literature review.

The Development and Validation of a Workforce Diversity Scale

In the current study we aim to develop a comprehensive tool that will enable Canadian employers to identify the existing barriers to diversity in their organizations and solutions to address those barriers. The goal is to provide a comprehensive, quantifiable assessment of attitudes and perceptions about diversity and diversity practices at different organizational levels. Such an assessment can help employers to find the sources of resistance and compliance to diversity in their organizations and target those sources in their attempt to implement diversity into their workforce.

Characterization of the Fuel Injection Spray Within the Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM)

Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET) has developed a novel diesel fuel Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM) that permits fast, precise and reliable measurements of the ignition delay and CN of diesel fuels. Precision and repeatability is paramount in the Cetane environment as refineries want the most precise instrument available in the market. More precise and repeatable Cetane number measurements provide considerable economic benefits for refineries in terms of savings of additives.

Demonstrations of the Hybrid Control concept for reducing vibration and noise on helicopters and wind turbines

Smart Rotor Systems Inc. (SRS) is a new Ottawa-based start-up company, whose product is a novel active control system for the reduction of vibration or noise on rotary wing applications, i.e. on helicopters and wind turbines. Mitigation of vibration and noise is a hot topic in both these sectors nowadays, attracting plenty of attention from both manufacturers and operators. SRS has the competitive edge in owning the Intellectual Property (IP) of the first ever electrically driven Active Pitch Link (APL) as well as for the concept of the control system driving it.