Investigation of a fully biocompatible bio-electrolytic supercapacitor system

The concept of incorporating bio-product based electrolytes in the design of supercapacitors is recent and novel. To use a bio-molecule to harvest and harness energy is one of the most breakthrough technologies of our current age. The thrust towards wearable technologies and Internet of Things (IOT) applications have created an emerging market for environmentally friendly flexible energy storage device.

Impact and blast resistance of bare and concrete-infilled FRP tubes

Impact and blast loads are two severe dynamic loads that need to be investigated for any industrial and structural applications. Recently, Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tubes have been used in different electrical applications as electrical conduit systems, in addition, FRP tubes are used in structural applications in the form of Concrete-Filled FRP tubes (CFFT) members such as piles, bridge girders, piers and columns. In this research the impact and blast resistance of FRP tubes and CFFT members will be investigated using both experimental study and numerical analysis.

Development of an Improved Airborne Cat Dander Dispersion System in a Cat Allergen (Fel d1) Exposure Chamber

Red Maple Trials (Ottawa, ON) created a new facility where patients can be exposed to airborne Fed d1 cat allergen. In this facility, the patient’s symptoms (with or without medication intervention) can be monitored in a controlled manner. Male cats are kept in the exposure chamber furnished with blankets. These blanket sheets are shaken vigorously during an exposure test with an hour of duration. In the current project, a modified robotic vacuum will be used to disperse and make Fel d1 that has been settled on the floor of the exposure chamber to become airborne.

Development of a new comprehensive simulation tool for helicopter design – The CORAL consortium

Designing a new helicopter is a very complex task that demands the collaboration of many disciplines of aerospace engineering. Nowadays, noise impact has also become crucial as restrictive environmental noise impact certification issues are being enforced by the certification authorities to the manufacturers. This project will be concerned with the integration of all these disciplines into a single computational simulation tool to predict a new helicopter performance. The project will be carried out in collaboration with international partners.

Advanced Security and Privacy Schemes for Smart, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicles

Smart, connected, and autonomous vehicles enable crash prevention, enhanced safety, mobility and environmental benefits. Despite the potential benefits of smart, connected, and autonomous vehicles, significant security and privacy challenges remain to be addressed before widespread deployment for intelligent transportation systems may begin. In this project, we identify and analyze the risks and vulnerabilities associated with cyber-attacks related to smart, connected, and autonomous vehicles.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Practice Research Project

The purpose of this project is to conduct a document review of select philanthropic foundations to investigate the policies and practices used by foundations to address DEI. The intern will also lead knowledge generation and knowledge mobilizations activities in the form of issue briefs and learning sessions to engage foundation staff and board members to their increase awareness and facilitate knowledge exchange and peer learning of DEI policies and practices.

Comparing the value of country foods with other food provisioning systems in Indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories.

How can we describe and value harvesting, processing and sharing (costs as well as benefits) country foods in economic, nutritional, environmental and socio-cultural terms? How can we compare the value of country food with food that comes from other provisioning systems (e.g. imported/market-based foods and local food production)?

Investigation of the Effects of Target Structuring and Composition on Nuclear Reaction Rates Under sub-MeV Ion Beam Flux

This project will use a low energy particle accelerator to explore methods of improving the number of fusion reactions in specially designed targets. This work will then be used assist in the development of a feasible commercial fusion power plant that is green, uses cheap and abundant fuel, and is reliable.

Texture Synthesis for Visual Effects: Improving Quality and Decreasing Computation Times

This proposal focuses on the automatic creation of color textures for 3D objects found in virtual content for movies, television, and advertisements. Such color details could correspond to the color variations seen at the surface of fabric or concrete. Another example of the problems we want to address consists of automatically creating color details for an animation of liquids such as mud. The solutions will reduce the computation times, increase the realism, and enable some methods to synthesize a broader variety of color textures.

Design Development for Prefabricated Building Components using Nano/microfibrillated cellulose (NMFC) produced from Industrial Hemp and Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

The intern will work with a multi-disciplinary research team from architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, business development and materials research in the design development phase of a project to create a structural insulated panel prototype from cellulose. As the most abundant organic polymer on the planet, cellulose is currently emerging as a sustainable material alternative to plastics and other non-recyclable materials.