Understanding the Path from Real to Virtual Economy Adoption: The Unity Engine, Design Theory & Future Directions

This project examines virtual economy design practices within Unity Technologies Canada Company’s software engine/editor. Analysis of game design choices found within proprietary data from the company is used to determine the predominant design practices within the system and identify underlying ideological assumptions that affect the design, creation, and maintenance of virtual economies.

Development and simulation of the GreeNovel invented plastic recycling and gas cleaning process

The main objective of this project is to design a novel plastic recycling technology invented by GreeNovel Incorporation. The process is based on microwave pyrolysis of the wastes at high temperatures and in the absence of oxygen to be decomposed to pyrolysis-oil and gas. The modelling of the novel microwave pyrolysis system and the product processing section will be performed. The process simulation tool will be provided to determine the properties of the products and operating conditions of each section.

What athletic therapists need to know about pain and pain medication: an evidenced based approach

The Canadian Athletic Therapy association (CATA) is the governing board for athletic therapist, health care professionals who rehabilitate athletes who are injured or in pain. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are often used by athletes as a pain management strategy, although they can have negative impacts on their health if misused. Since Athletic therapists follow athletes on the field and in the clinic, they are likely their most available health care professional. They should therefore be able to accurately educate and answer questions regarding pain medication and management.

Qualitative assessment of breast asymmetry using 3-Dimensional modeling, with Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Breast asymmetry is a condition affecting over 50% of all women and often not a cause for significant concern, but asymmetry due to life-saving invasive surgeries like mastectomy are severe and known to have a profound impact on a breast cancer survivor’s emotional well-being and quality of life. Despite the growing demand for aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgeries in recent times, there is a lack of reliable tools for assessing patients’ breast morphology perioperatively.

HypeBite Strategy AI

The project is to build the plan of AI implementation to be integrated in our technological solution. HypeBite provides solution for food industry designed to optimized food marketing. The solution aims to help consumer to reduce food waste and agri-food business to independently promote their products.
Our team needs to integrate technical knowledge and collaborate with expert in AI to build the technological strategy. The goal of this project is to plan the development of a recommendation system and recognition system with as objective to implement AI with in-house future tech team

Development of a thermal spray wear-resistant coating for abrasive concrete applications

Mechanical wear and chemical corrosion are the two main dominant factors that limit the service life of industrial machinery. Wear and tear of tools and equipment are significantly intensifying due to the increasing demand for superior efficiency, productivity, and throughput of industrial apparatuses. Since the surface of the materials is more exposed to abrasive wear and erosion, surface protection is considered an effective and economic approach to improve the service life of machinery components.

Interactive and Intermedia Score Authoring

This project aims to address questions relative to the authoring and specification of interactive media art pieces through the means of domain-specific visual programming languages. These specifications will be called “interactive scores” throughout this proposal.
The overall goal is to research and improve usability and ergonomy of software environments dedicated to this authoring task by examining their use against various artistic practices.

Digitization of supply chain routing decisions for freight transportation

Identifying an optimal routing, that ensures a delivery passage between suppliers and vendors, with a minimum cost while respecting the various constraints (including shortest delivery, availability of fleets and routes, traffic, etc.), could be a challenging task. This is mainly due to the need to solve a combinatorial optimization problem with discrete choices of pathways and routes that could become an NP-hard problem. Researchers and practitioners have adopted heuristic approaches to simplify the solution process.

Machine Learning Valuation of Quebec Housing Market

Most academic literature and practices in the real estate industry use traditional valuation models to predict house prices. While machine learning models have been used more heavily in the finance literature, it is less applied among real estate researchers. While traditional property valuation models rely on simple relationships between the price of a property and each property characteristic, machine learning models allow for complex relationships and can solve such relationships.

Startup develops device to support women’s pelvic floors

Negin Ashouri is on a mission to elevate women’s quality of life, one medical device at a time. Through her business FemTherapeutics, she created an innovative, made-to-measure, biodegradable, and disposable intravaginal prosthetic called a pessary to help women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP).