Studying the oxygenation of 3D printed pancreatic tissues

Most people with type 1 diabetes control their blood sugar levels through frequent blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections or infusion. Insulin therapy is life-saving but also life-altering and leads to decreased life expectancy. Instead, insulin-producing cells could be transplanted in devices which would prevent their rejection by the immune system. The design of these devices must take into account oxygen supply to the graft, which becomes more problematic in human-scale devices compared to studies conducted in animals such as mice.

Developing cultural practices to produce dry beans in Quebec

It is critical for farmers to have the information necessary so that they can make decisions on the best practices to undertake when growing a new crop. Pulse production is growing in demand and is an established market in Canada. In addition, plant based protein products are growing in popularity. We are working on developing a set of tools and information that will enable farmers to grow more pulses in Quebec. We will determine basic agronomic parameters that will maximize crop yield and minimize risk of crop failure.

AI powered mobile application to detect plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis in infants

Technology can be a valuable tool to help physicians improve the care they provide for their patients. We set out to determine if an AI powered mobile application could help primary care physicians detect clinically significant positional plagiocephaly and/or craniosynostosis during regular well-baby visits. The intern will directly help in planning, conduction, and statistically analyze the performance of an AI software in addition to gaming hands on experience conducting a clinical pilot study.

Kinetics study of Recycling Process of Spent Lithium Iron-phosphate Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are powering a myriad of electronic and electric devices. There are many types of LIBs used for various applications including electric vehicles, electronics, and stationary energy storage. They are mostly based on lithiumcobalt cathodic compounds. Conversely, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is a cobalt free cathodic material that is preferred over cobalt based LIBs for powering electrical and hybrid buses because of its relatively good energy density, its highly safe operation, its low cost, and its lower environmental impact.

How can hormone monitoring can improve women's health?

Eli Health is developing a novel biosensing device to monitor sex hormones in saliva and a mobile application that leverages machine learning to interpret them. The mission of the organization is to enable women to take control of their health across their lives. It will first commercialize the device for fertility and contraception applications. In collaboration with Seasy Huang and academic supervisor Dr. Charlotte Usselman, this research explores other use cases where of hormone monitoring can have a positive impact on women's health.

Combination of multi-horizon models for demand forecasting

This project aims to develop a retail demand forecasting model that can both handle the long-term and short-term forecasting, and adjust its parameters as more data come in. General long-term prediction models are relatively precise because the context often remains same over time, but can not quickly adapt to unforeseen events, like the global pandemics. It is then necessary to develop model with multi-horizon perspectives. With the understanding and results achieved by this project, accurate and real-time improvement solutions could be proposed and implemented.

A Serious Approach to Sickness Prevention in Motion Base Simulators

Training personnel to operate machinery in the construction workplace requires a major devotion of time, resources, and safeguards. Recent methods involving virtual reality and motion base simulators have drastically enhanced the training process, but some users of these new methods report sickness and discomfort. This research aims to remedy this issue with a theoretical and data-driven approach to (1) identifying what makes a simulator nauseogenic, and (2) reducing or avoiding these patterns of motion.

Ice coverage prediction for the St-Lawrence River

This project aims at creating a model for forecasting ice formation in the St. Lawrence Seaway between the Welland Canal and Quebec City. This will improve drastically the planning of all maritime operations during the winter transition period, before the freeze-up.

Tightly coupled visual-inertial-LI DAR SLAM for real time application

Since Amazon robotics expanded the use of drones to package deliveries to customers, drone applications have been expanded to many industries along with its ability to perform various tasks autonomously. The fundamental technology of drones’ autonomy comes from perceiving its surrounding, creating its own map based on onboard sensors and estimate its location within the map.

Impact of Bioavailable Peptides Generated from Collagen Hydrolysates on Bone Remodeling

Genacol Canada Corporation Inc. manufactures a collagen hydrolysate (CH) product, sourced from bovine (Genacol® Original Formula), that has shown promising and positive results in three clinical trials for decreasing joint pain, as well as having a positive effect on articular cartilage. Following digestion, and first pass metabolism, CHs release peptides that have been shown to be the health promoting component of the supplement. New research trends have suggested that joint pain is a multi-tissue disease, and not only attributed to articular degradation.