Alumnus now looking to make new participants benefit from Mitacs experience

The five possible projects for Mitacs internships are still going through a final review by Blackbox management before being submitted to Mitacs for approval, Gedamu says, but will likely be offered fairly soon for interns through the Mitacs Accelerate internship program. A little further down the road, Gedamu says, there may even be a few more internship projects in the field of Electrical engineering, although those plans have yet to be finalized.

Connecting to Cascades

Each summer, Globalink students undertake a research project with a Canadian university which allows them to experience state-of-the-art research facilities, Canadian society and build friendships with local students.

Production of Sex-specific Bovine Embryos Using Immunoselected Spermatozoa

The development of an effective technology that permits the selection of sperm bearing either a X or Y chromosome without damaging fertilization capacity of the sperm and embryo development is of great interest in animal production because it will permit the farmers to chose the sex of offspring when breeding their animals. In order to develop such technology, this research project will explore the use of single domain antibodies or nanobodies that specifically attach to Y-chromosome-bearing as a method to produce sex-selected bovine embryos.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles with Disease Simulation Models in Community Pharmacies: The Healthy Option Study/L’etude Option Santé

The primary objective of this study is to demonstrate the feasibility of training graduate students, with at least a bachelor’s degree in health sciences or a related science, to complete health screenings in community pharmacies.

Biologic Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis

This project will profile the use of new drugs of rheumatoid arthritis, in a population-based sample. Potential differences in the use of these agents will be examined to identify discrepancies in drug use patterns across demographics, which could be addressed through targeted strategies. Our proposal is timely in terms of increasing attention on the part of policy-makers regarding "better, more coordinated evaluation of drug safety and effectiveness" and targeted intitiatives to increase knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of drugs in population-based samples.

Digital modelling of DC plasma torches (Part 2)

The use of plasma torches for the gasification of waste products enables the transformation of waste into clean energy with no residual by-products. As a result of the extremely high temperatures generated by plasma torches (from 5,000°C to 20,000°C depending on the type of gas used), torch and reactor modelling represent a technological challenge for designers. Digital modelling of the plasma flare and the electrical arc in the plasma torch will contribute to a better understanding of the degradation of the torch’s internal components.

Implementation of a non-linear block LU-SGS time stopping method

The objective of the project is the implementation of a fast solution algorithm for the simulation of complete aircraft configurations. In industry, these numerical simulations are used to compute detailed quantitative information about the flow patterns occurring during take-off, landing and cruise flight, and play an essential role in the optimization of aerodynamic surfaces. However, due to their computationally intensive nature, these analyses are very time consuming and usually require several hours to obtain.

Implementation and Validation of Detached Eddy Simulation (DES)

This research aims to enhance an existing aerodynamic simulation tool to provide more accurate simulation data for turbulent flows with massive separation regions. This will be achieved by implementing the Detached-Eddy Simulation (DES) method. The existing turbulence prediction modules rely on simulation of the largest eddy in the fluid domain and modelling of all other eddies. In DES, a range of large to medium-scale eddies will be simulated, whereby the modelling will be limited only to the effect of smaller eddies.