Developing effective eDNA tools for environmental monitoring at MOWI salmon aquaculture sites in Atlantic Canada

This project addresses a major challenge in ensuring the sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry: how to reliably monitor the effects of organic waste (excess feed and feces) on the surrounding marine environment, in an environmentally-friendly way.

Cultural Valuation of Innu Fisheries

As the Innu Nation in Labrador move towards finalization of their land claim, there exists a need to gather information about fisheries management and valuation within their traditional territory in order to inform the development of a future management strategy. This research will involve four phases to development a comprehensive review of existing literature and materials, to survey Innu individuals and households and an analysis of regulatory frameworks surrounding fisheries

Research, analysis and development of business processes for innovation service delivery in the aerospace market

The research activity is to collect, compile, and analyze relevant information from external open sources about specific topics impacting the aerospace market. Additionally, research into management and marketing theory related to processes, frameworks, and best practices for market analysis and investment decision-making will also be part of the project.

An Investigation into the viability of Porcupine Crab-based Food Products

Porcupine Crab (Neolithodes grimaldii) is harvested off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador and in the eastern Arctic as a by-catch in deep water during the turbot fishery. Its dark red color and long sharp spines make handling and processing very difficult. Preliminary experiments have shown that quality crab meat products can be produced from porcupine crab however no commercial fishery, processing procedures or markets, have been established.

Simplifying the chemistry of cosmetics for public use

Cosmetics are products composed to cleanse, protect and change the appearance of external parts of our bodies. While, the key ingredients present in most cosmetics include water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizers, colors, and fragrances, some other ingredients as a secret ingredient can be added to the products. Generally speaking, ingredients can be naturally occurring or artificial, but any potential impact on our health depends mainly on the chemical compounds that they contain.

Marine Icing Investigation

The project is dedicated to developing new models and understanding for predicting marine ice accretion levels on small and medium sized sea vessels. These models are developed using engineering principles and will be used to predict ice loads, loss of vessel stability, and to assist in sizing heat tracing for critical vessel infrastructure. Additionally, we are also striving to develop instrumentation to assist in measuring icing levels such that ship operators can take pre-emptive action.

Digital Youth Engagement Strategy Using a Critical Pedagogy of Place-based Perspective

The Atlantic Publisher’s Digital Youth Engagement Strategy (APDYES) is a partnership of Atlantic Canadian publishers, designed to digitally expand the reading experience of today’s “digital natives,” or youth.

Diagenetic history porosity evolution of the sandstones and carbonates around the Labrador?Port au Port Group boundary, Belle Isle, Western Newfoundland

The proposed project investigates the diagenesis of the lowermost Port au Port carbonates in Western Newfoundland. Few earlier studies suggested that the carbonates vary from lime mudstones of low energy to grainstones and rudstones of high energy shallow-shelf settings. The study will allow the reconstruction of full diagenetic history of the basin and factors that controlled the precipitation of cements and dolomitization that influenced the net rock porosity as well as the timing of precipitation of those cements during basin history.

Cryptographic filesystem for video integrity

When storing and retrieving large quantities of aerial surveillance video to be used as evidence, it must be possible to validate video as authentic without relying on secret knowledge. Part of the solution to this problem involves a novel combination of cryptography techniques used in blockchains and elsewhere together with computer filesystems, allowing data to be stored in a way that can be easily authenticated.

Employers’ expectations of technological proficiency levels of university business graduates

“Business Studs” is a web based business development, platform providing cheaper and effective physical presence in existing and emerging markets, helping businesses grow in existing and new markets through independently working sales professionals in different industries. This research project aims to undertake a study to determine gaps in skills training from graduating students to employers.