Effects of a digital lifestyle change program on prediabetes indicators, health outcomes and cost effectiveness.

The number of Canadians living with diabetes is at an all-time high as are the consequential healthcare costs. A scalable solution to this public health crisis is needed. The aim of this research project is to evaluate Transform, a digital health program created by Blue Mesa Health. The program is designed to prevent diabetes by helping people adopt healthier lifestyles. By analyzing existing Transform participant metrics and program outcomes, the intern will seek to understand the nature of the program’s impact on diabetes prevention.

Framework Creation of Compensation Strategies in the Social Enterprise Sector

The objective of this research aims to create a framework of compensation strategy that is applicable to the social enterprise sector and create stronger understanding between actual compensations practice and media perception. Therefore, the focus of this study is to gain a stronger understanding of the social enterprise sector (particularly compensation), and the media perceptions surrounding it. This will allow for increased sustainability for organizations, and provide a strong stepping stone for new research within this sector.

Digital Oilfield – An Integrated Approach

Along with the development of Industry 4.0, the Oil and Gas Industry has employed Digital Twins as new way to lower cost, monitor assets, optimize maintenance, and minimize downtime by creating the connection between the physical world and the digital world. The digital oilfield collect enormous amounts of data from sensors, measuring devices, and other sources. The quantity of data is updated frequently and grows dramatically over time. This data must be stored, managed, and analyzed.

Wind turbines challenges for remote communities with cold and harsh environments

The project is focused on supporting the idea of establishing small wind turbine units to generate electricity by each owner either for domestic or commercial use. The main benefit to the individual will be paying low electric bills which might reach zero if they generate all their capacity consumptions. Also, these units can be installed on the roofs of the residential houses, buildings, malls, gas stations to generate free electricity.

Mapping Slush and Sea Ice for Spring Travel Safety in Inuit Nunangat

The goal of this research is the development and operationalization of new hazardous ice mapping technology to mitigate impacts of warmer winters and springs on sea-ice travel in Arctic communities. In partnership with the northern social enterprise, SmartICE, we will develop the capability to detect and map slush and incorporate the technology into their mobile sea-ice thickness mapping system - the SmartQAMUTIK.

Disentangling the Effects of Local and Regional Factors that Promote Occupancy and Abundance of Moose

Throughout much of North America moose populations are in decline and Manitoba is no exception. This project will determine what factors promoting occupancy and abundance at local and regional scales in Manitoba; and subsequently identify the most efficient way to monitor moose populations in relation to local and regional factors, such as hydroelectric power transmission right-of-ways.

ASD Specific Housing Supports Analysis

The proposed study will use a sequential exploratory mixed-method approach to conduct a needs assessment examining supportive housing requirements for adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The study first explore supportive housing and provincial, national and international solutions for supportive housing for adults with ASD found in policy, practice, government, and mass media publications. Later interviews and analysis will involve a deep dive into a set of research questions.

Advanced FEA of Trawl Gear Interaction with Subsea Pipelines

This project will provide guidelines for the design of pipeline systems for deep water locations where fishing activities occur. These pipelines may be subject to loads from trawls and associated trawling equipment. While similar interaction between trawling gear and subsea pipelines has been studied for shallow water pipeline installations, it has not been studied for the deepwater scenario, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

Air Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care in Northern Labrador: An Evidence Mobilization Project

In rural regions of Canada, many patients live far from hospital emergency departments and specialty services. When urgent medical care is required due to a health crisis, access to pre-hospital care and the distance to an emergency department can have a major impact on morbidity and mortality. The primary objective of our study is to examine demographic patterns and clinical characteristics of medevac service use in the northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador region accompanied by a strong knowledge mobilization plan.

Surface testing: A solution for surface degradation of industrial materials in harsh environment

This project will demonstrate the cause and effect of industrial material failures in the harsh Newfoundland climate under the general umbrella of corrosion. Our main focus is materials used in the marine and oil & gas industries.