Product Development of 65W Digital PD Adapter

USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast-charging protocol for powering cell phones, tablets and laptop computers with the same power supply. It has been promoted as the next generation of charging technology by industry leading companies such as Google and Apple. This all-in-one charging solution will allow customers to carry only one charger for all their portable devices. It is anticipated that PD adapter will gain an exponentially increase of market share of the whopping 1.7 billion shipment market in the coming few years.

Photodynamic Therapy for Annihilating COVID-19 Virus

There is a paramount need to treat symptoms, find cures, and reduce/contain the virus’s continuous spread due to the global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The most life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 result in severe respiratory failure due to pneumonia complications. While antiviral treatments and vaccines are under development globally, patients in critical condition cannot wait. It usually takes one to two years to develop vaccines, and cases continue to present with severe complications requiring immediate, life-saving intervention in the meantime.

Adapting to COVID-19: Private Business, Public Infrastructure and the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing enormous economic pressure on Canadian workers and employers, and it is unclear what the long-term economic impacts of the crisis will be. This research will produce a model to describe ways in which employers and workers might adapt to, recover from and build long-term resilience to COVID-19 and other natural disasters that disrupt the economy. The research will provide Limestone Analytics an opportunity to deepen its partnerships in Eastern Ontario and establish itself as a reliable industry partner in policy development.

A Novel AI-Based LED Grow Light

Indoor farming offers the opportunity to grow produce close to the consumer and has recently been gaining attention due to its efficiency, controllability, and sustainability. In indoor farming, food is grown indoors in a controllable environment, with stable environmental conditions. This approach reduces the land footprint required, the demand for energy and water, the nutrient input requirements, and can eliminate the need for pesticides.

Remediating the AIDS Archive: Networks of AIDS Video Activism

From its particular focus on HIV/AIDS, Remediating the AIDS Archive looks to historical methods of activist information-sharing through filmmaking and film festivals. This project is not simply historical in nature, however. It also interrogates the ways in which the history of HIV/AIDS is remembered through LGBT2Q+-based cultural representation, the ways in which the HIV/AIDS crisis persists today, and the ways in which media activism continues to address the crisis. To do this, the project uses archival research about the history of four Canadian LGBT2Q+ film festivals.

Tuning the Front End: Increasing Ion Generation for Enhanced Sensitivity in Mass Spectrometry with Multiple ESI Emitters

Mass spectrometry is a chemical analysis technique for determining the mass/charge ratio of molecules under study. The instruments used for this technique require the compounds be transformed into gas-phase ions. This process is extraordinarily difficult with Nobel prizes awarded for the two most common methods. One of these methods is electrospray ionization where dissolved compounds are pumped through a tapered needle or emitter that is held at an electrical potential difference from the mass spectrometer.

Development and use of ezrin biosensors for high-throughput screening of novel ezrin inhibitors as anti-metastatic and immune-checkpoint blockade agents

Treatment of metastatic breast cancer is often unsuccessful and lead to 5000 deaths in Canada each year. Therefore, there is an unmet need for new drugs for prevention and/or treatment of metastatic disease. Ezrin is a protein marker commonly over-expressed in metastatic breast cancer. Preclinical studies show that blocking ezrin can significantly reduce metastasis in breast cancer models. In this proposal, the intern will develop novel biosensors to screen large numbers of compounds to find those with the ability to block ezrin’s activity in cancer cells.

Detecting Attacks on Connected Vehicles

Attacks on connected vehicles require special attention and there is a need for new sophisticated security solutions that will cover the integration of different domains in connected vehicles and help proactively address potential threats to connected vehicles. The overall goal of this project is to provide various security solutions for integrity, access control, availability, and privacy of connected vehicles against security attacks. This project will help industry partner in developing and improving the security of connected vehicles.

Internet-based mental state monitoring using patient's textual data

Among all chronic diseases, mental health issues have the highest burden on health care systems. However, unlike other chronic diseases, like Diabetes or hypertension, no monitoring procedures exist to monitor patients’ mental health status to prevent relapse and crisis situations. It is therefore necessary to develop cheap, convenient and accessible monitoring systems that could be used outside clinical setting. Most mental health diseases demonstrate a range of physical and behavioral symptoms (e.g.

Investigating the affect of chlorine carbides on fracture toughness in zirconium alloys used for nuclear applications

Zirconium alloys are used extensively in nuclear reactor cores for key components such as fuel assemblies and pressure tubes. It is extremely important that the in-service behavior of these components is well characterized to ensure they remain fit-for-service. This work will investigate the relationship between harmful impurity elements, specifically chlorine, and the fracture toughness of a zirconium alloy, Zr-2.5Nb. It is known that chlorine results in the formation of tiny precipitates, which are particularly damaging because they tend to cluster and form elongated voids, termed fissures.