Low-Energy Envelope Design on Toronto High-rise Apartment

One of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings is to construct them with more advanced envelope systems. There appears to be a lack of study in this area for apartments in North America and this research project aims to fill that gap. The objective of this project is to provide a deeper understanding and recommend standards on optimal envelope systems for apartment buildings tailored to the Canadian climatic conditions.

Geothermal Ground Loop Performance Monitoring

The project will entail the development of a flexible and robust data acquisition and monitoring system for the large scale long-term performance evaluation of residential ground source heat pump system. The literature review will guide different alternative ground loop heat exchanger options. The expected result will provide flexible and portable hardware/software equipment and survey protocol for large-scale monitoring and evaluation of ground source heat pump systems.

Public Broadcasting Reviews and the Public Interest: An Evaluation of Procedures and Outcomes Since the Liberalization of the Broadcasting Sector

This study will evaluate the process and outcomes of public broadcasting reviews over the last 30 years in English-speaking parliamentary democracies. The objective is two]fold: to measure the effectiveness of the review process in each country, and to evaluate and make recommendations about the process in Canada. While a great deal of literature on this sector focuses on the structure and operation of public broadcasters themselves, this study aims to contribute to the less common discussion of policy reviews.

Control and Navigation System of a Pipe Inspection Robot (PipeCrawler)

The intern will work closely with PPIC PipeCrawler design engineer to develop a new control and navigation system. The tasks will include 1) analysis of the mechanism and motion of the PipeCrawler; 2) derivation of a dynamic model for control design and synthesis of model based control of the PipeCrawler; 3) development of a DSP based controller including hardware and software; 4) integration and testing. A PipeCrawler with the proposed control system will no longer need the high level driving skills, reducing operation cost and improving pipeline inspection efficiency.

National Review Service ULQA Benchmarking Study

National Review Services is the RCMP policy centre responsible for the Unit Level Quality Assurance (ULQA) program. National Review Services, as a unit within the Internal Audit function of the RCMP, maintains the intention to remain “best in class” within quality assurance programs in government and the Canadian police universe. National Review Services requires a comparison of the ULQA system with quality assurance systems currently accepted in the private and police sectors.

CIO to CEO – Barriers and Opportunities

This study will attempt to determine whether a model or path can be derived for CIOs who are interested in transitioning to a CEO position. The analysis will support potential similarities and gaps in current CIO leadership profile as compared to CEOs. In addition, personal interviews and surveys will be conducted with CEOs who were previously CIOs. The combined study will help determine if a model/path can be determined from these case examples.

Measurement of Molecular Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion Coefficients in Multicomponent Mixtures

Diffusion is a molecular motion of species with respect to each other in a mixture. It can be caused by a spatial non-homogeneity of composition (isothermal diffusion) or temperature (thermal diffusion or the Soret effect). There are many important processes in nature and technology where these phenomena play a crucial role: exploitation of petroleum reservoirs and oil recovery, crystal growth, material processing, transport of biological fluids in living matter, oceanic flows, etc. The mixtures appearing in nature and industrial applications are essentially multicomponent.

Comparing Carbon Emissions from Constructing a Steel and Concrete Frame Building

Developing a thorough comprehensive understanding of the full environmental impacts inherent from the construction industry is a current challenge in order to facilitate the decision making during the design proces to achieve sustainability. An efficient method to analyze such impacts is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which evaluates the impacts such as global warming emissions, air pollution, waste, resource use, and water impacts cumulatively through each stage of a product or process life span, from the raw material extraction, to its use and final disposal.

Reducing Chloride Corrosion of Stainless Steel

The research will investigate alternative methods for reducing cholorides in the nitric acid recovery circuit at Cameco Corporation's Blind River Refinery (BRR). The current method being used at he BRR is an oxidation system that utilizes an ozone generator to produce ozone as an oxidant. This method has proven to be inconsistent in terms of chloride removal at varying nitric acid concentrations, as well as being costly with regards to energy consumption, operation and maintenance.

Development of a Dynamic Model for In Vitro DNA Ligand Selection

Aptamers are single stranded DNA molecules that due to their sequence bind to specific target molecules. The process for the identification of aptamers for a specific target involves exposure of a large number of random sequences to the target followed by selection of sequences that bind. This process requires several several selection cycles for success. Selection is based on two overlapping factors, strengh of binding and specificity of binding.