Declarative Solving of Computationally Hard Search and Optimization Problems

Computationally hard search and optimization problems are ubiquitous in science, engineering and
business. Examples include drug design, protein folding, phylogeny reconstruction, hardware and
software design, test generation and verification, planning, timetabling, scheduling and on and on. In
rare cases, practical application-specific software exists, but most often development of successful
methods requires hiring specialists, and often significant time and expense, to apply one or more

Super Fast Sparse Polynomial Interpolation

I've started a new research project with the goal of implementing a new algorithm which interpolates a polynomial F of degree D in N variables with T non-zero terms.

Performance Estimation of Davis Hydro Turbine Using 3D Numerical Simulations

The goal of the proposed project is to develop a computational fluid dynamics model of the Davis hydro turbine, so that its performance can be assessed and improved before it becomes a commerically available product. A numerical implementation of the model will be used to estimate important characteristics of the turbine, such as its power coefficient, power quality, and average torque. The reliability of the mathematical model will be tested by comparing the numerical results to the experimental ones.

Exploring Quantitative Methods for Evaluating Sports Games

Developing efficient and effective evaluation strategies for measuring video game quality is an important open problem in today’s game industry. Standard methods within the industry rely on surveys and interviews to evaluate engagement of their games and to uncover design flaws. In this proposal, we investigate different types of methods that a game company can use to evaluate their games and uncover design flaws.

Design, implementation and evaluation of the prototype for power management in data centres

The project is intended to develop, implement and evaluate a power management solution applicable to data centres. The solution must not require installation of custom software components onto the individual servers. This constraint goes against current solutions which install bespoke software on the servers for the power management solution to function effectively. The solution will have to provide perceivable power savings without loss in the service quality©\two conficting goals. Innovative algorithms and policies must therefore, be developed.

Design for Creative Workspaces and Planning: Case Study of the Culture Crawl in Vancouver

With the increasing presence of creative production, ranging from individual art practices to large-scale entertainment industries, it is of utmost importance to facilitate the development of sustainable arts networks not only to optimize creative output, but also to enrich the lives of local communities, and to provide for better]informed policymaking. The goals of the proposed research are: innovation in visual methodologies, and the support for creative work infrastructures through an interdisciplinary project, combining arts sociology, visual culture, geography, and media production.

Mathematical Surface Representations for Conceptual Design

Existing computer art programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, employ a colour manipulation and blending model based on the way different colours of light combine on a monitor. This is at odds with the realworld behaviour of paints, such as oils or acrylics, as studied by fine artists. Some research has been done on simulating paint blending and manipulation on the computer, but this work depends on powerful graphics hardware and specialized input devices.

CMBS Sensitivity Analysis

This work can serve as the foundation of relative value strategies and portfolio sensitivity analysis. This project research on building a strategy for analyzing the sensitivity of mortgage backed securities (MBS) pool pricing to changes in financial market and underlying security characteristics, such as the property value of the underlying real estate. There is a large database including real estate property location, real estate price indices by region and property type, as well as mortgage security pool information.

Multiculturalism – Communication Infrastructure – Mental Health Counseling and Support Services for Immigrants

This research is concerned with the ways in which the mental health counseling and support services providers in Vancouver are functioning. It aims to explore the possibilities of the implementation of a multicultural approach to mental health counselling and support services for the different immigrant groups in the Vancouver region.