Species tree inference from multi-labeled gene trees

Reconstructing the tree of life, which depicts the evolutionary history of today’s existing species, has been a central goal of evolutionary biology ever since Darwin. Each species is composed of a set of genes, which can be grouped into families. The DNA sequences of genes can be used to infer a gene tree for each family, and the species tree can be seen as a “summary” of these gene histories. Therefore one way of inferring a species tree is to merge multiple gene trees into a “supertree”.

Improving liver disease diagnostics with elastography ultrasound

Samuel Hybois began his undergraduate career interested in all areas of engineering; however, a class project piqued his interest in biomedical engineering. His home program at École des Mines de Nancy (Université de Lorraine) in France requires each student to complete an internship, and the university had forwarded information about the Globalink Research Internship. Several projects in biomedical engineering appealed to Samuel, and he was eventually matched with a Université de Montréal radiology project, where he worked in the Laboratory of Biorheology and Medical Ultrasonics.

Jesùs Carrillo Valdez brings his heart to Canada

He’s already got a head start on this goal through his work this summer with Professor Vincent Jacquemet at the Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur—part of the Université de Montréal—through  Mitacs Globalink Research Internships.

Dental Resin Composites based on Bile Acid Monomers

Current commercially available dental resin composites use the monomer BisGMA that uses a toxic bisphenol A (BPA) as the starting material, causing potential environmental and health problems. We aim at replacing BPA with bile acids, natural compounds in the new synthesis of new dental monomers. We are also making new inorganic fillers that provide the strength of the material. The latter is the area of expertise of our collaborators at Donghua University.

Novaxe gesture toolkit

The Novaxe gesture toolkit will be developed conjointly between the music faculty of university of Montreal and OMP Music. This project proposes to develop a hardware and software kit for the automatic transcription and evaluation of gestural parameters of the guitar performance. This will be part of the Novaxe project, an online social network virtual environment for guitar learning relying on an innovative notation system and pedagogy developed by the Vandendool Studio over years of teaching experience. Other notation systems and learning environments lack gestural information.

Analyse comparative d’une formation en présentiel et d’une formation basée sur un jeu sérieux dans le cadre d’Hydro-Québec

Depuis quinze ans, Hydro-Québec organise des formations sur l’Initiation au code de sécurité des travaux Postes et centrales et Initiation aux risques d'induction, mise à la terre et foudre. Ces formations de trois jours s’adressent à toute personne appelée à intervenir chez Hydro-Québec. Visant un meilleur coût d’opportunité, Hydro-Québec a choisi d’intégrer une nouvelle modalité de formation constituée de deux jours de jeu sérieux suivis d’une journée en présentiel. Les jeux sérieux sont des jeux vidéo adaptés à l’enseignement.

Modèle de prévision dynamique du comportement des renouvellements de polices d'assurance

Le département de Prévision et Analytique de TD Assurance est actuellement en charge de prédire les ventes et les revenues des différents produits d'assurance sur une base annuelle et mensuelle. Prédire les revenues, et ceci de manière précise, est crucial pour l’entreprise et son bon fonctionnement. Les modèles jusqu'alors utilisés ont étés construits il y a un peu plus de dix ans et ont été implémentés avec le logiciel Excel. Ces modèles sont complexes et requièrent trop de manipulations manuelles, engendrant non seulement des erreurs potentielles mais également une perte de temps.

An economic evaluation of sulfonylurea medication, hypoglycemic episodes and falls in older adults with type 2 diabetes

Drug use in older persons is a major public health concern. Even though therapeutic drugs are beneficial for patients’ health in terms of survival or quality of life, patients aged >65 years have a greater risk of developing drug-related complications. Such complications may be fatal because of the high frequency of both multiple pathologies and polypharmacy in these patients, who consume a major proportion of healthcare resources.

Postnatal development in mice and rabbits: an histomorphological study

his study focuses on the postnatal histomorphology of developing organs in mice and rabbits and compares the key events between human and experimental species (mice and rabbits). It will provide an essential resource for nonclinical safety evaluations of pediatric drugs and will be helpful in preparing appropriate study designs and testing strategies. Neonatal and juvenile organs greatly differ morphologically and functionnally from adult animals.

Development of an Integral Strategy for Model-based Dose Adaptation in Chemotherapy

The overall objective of this PDF project is to propose an integrated dose adaptation strategy that can be used in anticancer drug treatment. Indeed, many chemo agents used to treat tumors often induce dangerous side effects or toxicity, such as neutropenia [Crawford et al.] and hand-foot syndrome [Janusch et al.]. Since some tumors can only be destroyed by sufficiently high doses of chemotherapeutic agents, these harmful and lethal toxicities have become a main obstacle that limit the full use of the dosage of anticancer drugs or even force the discontinuation of chemo treatment.