Non-Viral Approach to Immunotherapy with Engineered Polymers

A new therapy was developed in order to combat cancers by stimulating our immune system to fight agents the cancer cells in the body. The activated immune system is more efficient to fight the cancer cells than the common drugs, but stimulating the immune system is very expensive and labour-intensive with the currently developed protocols. This project will develop a cost-effective way to stimulate immune system to fight cancers. We will use advanced biomaterials and immune stimulatory genes in order to achieve this.

Preparatory research to enable the implementation of a multi-site research project: Getting it right - Pharmacist-led pharmacogenetic testing in community pharmacies

Making sure patients have well controlled post-operative pain is imperative for patient well-being, optimal recovery, and to prevent chronic pain from developing. Opioid medications are often used to treat post-surgical pain, but some people respond in unpredictable ways and this may be related to their genetics. Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is a way of finding out how people’s genes affect the way they respond to medications.

Investigating multi-task learning in semantic parsing

Current research in semantic parsing suffers from lack of annotated data, which is hard to acquire. In this project, we aim at tackling the problem of converting natural language utterances to SQL language (Text-to-SQL) on complex databases in a low-resource environment. More specifically, we focus on the research of how multi-task learning (MTL) can help in this task. We will first identify the related natural language processing (NLP) tasks that can contribute to improving the performance of semantic parsing.

Machine Learning in Business Valuation Using Merger and Acquisition Data

Business valuation deals with the estimation of a company’s value, using information from markets and the company’s financial statements. Such valuation is important when assessing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of companies or the sale of an owner’s share in a business. Three different approaches are commonly used for business valuation: the income approach (estimating future income), the asset-based approach (valuating the current assets), and the market approach (comparing with similar businesses).

The Investigation of a Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) Fabrication Process for the Design of Advanced Millimeter-Wave Components for 5G Communication Technology

The main objective of this project is to design and test millimeter-wave RF front end components for applications in 5G new radio communication systems utilizing the thin-film multilayer LTCC fabrication process developed at ACAMP. With these fabricated and characterized prototypes, ACAMP will be able to showcase its specialized LTCC fabrication process and provide support to potential Canadian technology clients and companies looking to develop technology for the upcoming 5G mobile communications market.

Improvisation and Dramaturgy: an adaptive and embodied approach to theory and research in dance

This important relationship between Mile Zero Dance and the Drama Department at the University of Alberta has been growing over the last ten years through performance and research collaborations between Gerry Morita (MZD) and Lin Snelling (Associate Professor University of Alberta). MZD wishes to address a new series of objectives through inviting Thea Patterson to engage with Mile Zero Dance as a performer, dramaturg, and facilitator for seminars and workshops.

Zero-Power Sensors for Smart Homes

Sensors are used in many applications from capturing the biomedical signals to monitoring oil pipelines in harsh environment. Sensors have been traditionally used in industrial environment for improving safety, stochastic data acquisition, monitoring and controlling the environment. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for low-cost wireless sensors as a part of Internet-of-Things (IoT) for smart homes, smart cities, and industries. According to the latest market research report IoT sensors market is expected to be valued at USD 22.48 billion by 2023.

Over-The-Air (OTA) Testing System For 5G Wireless Devices

Over the air (OTA) test is the standard procedure for wireless devices to verify the transceiver and antennas performance together in specified conditions. Any wireless device such as tablets, phones and laptop must go under OTA testing. Furthermore, regulatory organizations require OTA testing before the wireless device being certified.
Due to the time-consuming procedure of OTA testing, currently manufacturers and vendors limit themselves to a small sample of devices for testing.

Fibre in IBD: Feeding Our Microbes vs. Fuelling Inflammation

While studies show that dietary fibres are beneficial in many diseases, they are not digested or absorbed directly by the host, but rather fermented by gut microbes. Fermentation byproducts (mostly short-chain fatty-acids; SCFAs) are responsible for health benefits. Only select inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) patients benefit from fibres; many patients report sensitivity to high fibre foods, especially during disease flares. Dietary fibres resemble structures found on the surface of pathogens that induce host cell inflammation.

Geographic mapping for small-diameter gas pipelines in a city

Geographic location of a pipeline is important information for pipeline maintenance and fault detection. Usually, the geographic location of a pipeline on the ground can be measured directly with global positioning system (GPS) technology, but it is much difficult to determine the geographic position of an inaccessible underground pipeline in a city. In this research, a new geographic mapping methodology is proposed for small-diameter gas pipelines in a city.