Intelligent Product Quality Assessment (IPQA) Toolkit

Manufacturing is a main component driving the successful economy in a society. In order to remain competitive in the global manufacturing market, product quality control is critical. High quality product not only expands the client base, but also enables just-in-time correction to reduce the cost wasted in defective products. The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent defect detection platform, which can be integrated with the existing production pipeline without major alteration or financial investment.

Building and supporting healthy educational communities: From kindergarten through university

Health and education have been shown to be interconnected and co-dependent. This research project will connect the work being done on Comprehensive School Health in the K-12 setting with similar work beginning in the post-secondary setting. Ever Active Schools has collaborated with school health teams for over 10 years (Healthy Active School Symposia - HASS). The data they have gathered from students, teachers and administrators will be an invaluable asset to the developmental process of embedding comprehensive school health in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta.

A Process Integration Approach of CO2 Sequestration to Marketable Products

The catalytic CO2 reforming process provides a sequestration alternative that holds promise for a viable solution for dealing with industrial gaseous effluents containing greenhouse gases CH4 and CO2. The process converts these gases to syngas (CO and H2) which can be used for synthesis for high value chemicals. The catalyst for the dry reforming process has been developed by Enerkem and is being scaled up by an industrial partner for implementation in an industrial sized reactor.

Hand Hygiene Tracking Prototype Development

SafeContact is a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) prevention and reduction Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company. We are tackling the global HAI epidemic by tracking the source of HAI spread using a unique technological concept in the marketplace. SafeContact is building a smart healthcare platform that combines traditional techniques with the latest advancements in technology: Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things devices, Big Data, and Machine Learning to monitor hand hygiene behavior for lasting impact on patient safety.

Reservoir Analytical Model Pattern Recognition

The proposed production optimizer uses production (rate, water/oil ratio, pressure) data, in either isolation or with geological data, and artificial intelligence to determine limiting factors in wells and fields. More specifically, the proposed production optimizer determines Original Oil in Place (OOIP), average permeability, permeability distribution, and relative permeability for wells and, by extension, reservoirs. This reservoir characterization information then is used to optimize the field.

Credit Portfolio Management and Stress Testing Models Research & Development

Consistent with industry norms, ATB Financial conducts both mandatory and discretionary stress tests of the whole institution and of its credit portfolio. This project aims to contribute to the refinement of the in-house expertise on methodologies employed to measure credits risk and the overall level of risk of the institution. These activities normally requires management to provide an estimate for ATB’s financial performance, capital and liquidity position conditional on a set of predefined scenarios.

Expanding the Circle of Courage: Understanding the Implementation of the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program

In line with Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the intergenerational impacts of colonialism influence the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples. In response, culturally relevant programs, which focus on building the strengths of a community have been shown to be effective and sustainable. Indeed, a peer-led, resilience-based afterschool program, the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program (AYMP), is effective for preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes in Indigenous children. Based on AYMPs early success, the project has been expanded across Canada.

Stability of Geobag Elements for Riverbank Protection

Riverbank erosion is a major threat to millions of Bangladeshi citizens who live in the vicinity of the country’s rivers, causing loss of life, land and livelihood. Sand-filled geotextile bags (geobags) are a solution to this problem and are widely used across Bangladesh to guide river flow and redirect channels in the wide braided rivers, preventing erosion and enabling land reclamation.

Statistical machine learning methods applied to ATB data for credit risk modelling

Machine learning (ML) is a method of training a computer to learn from data and predict future outcomes based on existing patterns in the data. This project aims to utilize various ML methods as new and potentially better analytics and predictive tools in the area of credit risk management for ATB. Given that data quality and flows change over time, a new framework built on Google Cloud Platform to update the machine learning models will also be developed.

Characterizing wetlands of different restoration ages in central Alberta using drone-based information (an extension to current Mitacs project: IT10213)

Wetlands provide important ecosystem services to human communities, such as groundwater recharge, storing floodwater, and supplying fishery resources. In Alberta, wetlands cover ~21% of the province, forming one of the Canada’s largest wetlands reserves; however, many of these wetlands have been impacted or lost through human activities. Over the past 30 years, there have been efforts made by the government and partner agencies to restore wetlands, but little is known about the rate of recovery and the state of these restored wetlands, relative to a natural reference condition..