Sentiment Analysis for the Assessment of Financial Fitness (SAFF)

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Sentiment Analysis for the Assessment of Financial Fitness (SAFF), which can help an individual to understand one’s latent feeling and reservation towards money saving, spending and planning. The SAFF framework can be applied to not only financial institutions, but also other sectors, e.g. healthcare, rehabilitation and education. Sentiment analysis can alert current situations, as well as to monitor long term financial development.

Automatically Assessing Frailty from Medical Notes

Frailty is an especially problematic expression of population ageing. It is a condition characterised by loss of biological reserves across multiple organ systems and vulnerability to physiological decompensation after a stressor event. Older people with frailty are at increased risk of adverse outcomes including disability, hospitalisation, nursing home admission and mortality. This project addresses the issue of predicting frailty in patients by automatically processing medical notes taken by health professionals when consulting those patients.

Silicon Quantum Dot Trace Explosive Sensor

The rapid detection of high energy materials (i.e., explosives) and chemical, biological and radioactive (CBR) agents have received substantial attention because of its obvious importance to security and forensics. Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (AQM) is developing a straightforward luminescent quantum dot paper- and/or cloth-based detection system that shows instantaneous optical detection of nitro-based explosives in solution and solid phases at nanogram levels by monitoring the luminescence quenching after being exposed to explosive residues.

Development of testing & quality control methods for e-textiles

From the invention and commercialization points of view, the world of the textile industry has been undergoing revolutionary changes at an unprecedented speed with novel research works in the field of textile processing chemicals, fibres and yarns, technical textiles, and now e-textiles (electronic textiles). E-textiles have massive potentials to change the health care, safety, and protection industries due to their unique capability to sense physiological and environmental conditions, alert about a potential issue, and mitigate the change in conditions.

Analysis of the effects of a high-anxiety state on running mechanics and identifying relevant psychological predictors related to levels of emotions and mechanics

Achieving optimal sport performance is complex and multidimensional. Athletes need to have high levels of physical and psychological skill. It is already commonly understood that an athlete’s emotional state can affect performance. With this project, we would like to take this one step further and investigate how an athlete’s emotions affect movement patterns, more specifically by assessing how anxiety impacts running mechanics.

Evaluation of the mechanical properties of the bone-implant interface in lower limb amputees

Prosthetic limbs can provide a tremendous improvement in the quality of life and mobility of amputees. The conventional method of attaching a prosthetic limb is a socket that is custom designed to fit to the residual limb. Difficulties with socket fit attachments has led to the use of titanium implants as an alternative method for the attachment of prostheses. Using skin-penetrating implants, the prosthesis is attached directly to the bones of the residual limb. The use of these types of implants for attachment of lower limb prosthetics is now being performed in several centers world-wide.

Beaver Hills Biosphere Communications: Advancing place-based heritage appreciation and stewardship

The Beaver Hills Biosphere is a newly established biosphere reserve that needs to communicate why it is a special place to its residents and visitors. The UNESCO Biosphere program wants biosphere reserves to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge on environmental problems and solutions, and to foster environmental education for sustainable development. Research related to environmental education, public history, Indigenous histories and communications efficacy can highlight the importance of personal place-relationships within a biosphere.

ATCO Home of the Future and DSO Orchestration

The intern will be part of the ATCO Electricity Innovation Team and will support in delivering novel next generation prototypes that will define the future of the electricity grid in Alberta, broader Canada and globally. Some of the current projects in the portfolio includes smart EV charging, artificial intelligence based microgrids, home of the future and power systems technologies for making the electricity grid autonomous and smart. The student will be part of a horizontal team structure and will report directly to the Innovation Director.

Management and conservation of polar bears in Davis Strait: An integrated population modeling approach to estimating population size, growth rate and Total Allowable Harvest of a priority species in Nunavut, Canada.

Estimates of population size and structure of the Davis Strait polar bear population are uncertain due, in large part, to the prohibitive costs of conducting regular aerial surveys. In recent years, Inuit have indicated that increased bear abundance has resulted in public safety concerns. In addition, Inuit believe that polar bears have negatively impacted other wildlife through increased consumption of seals, and eggs in bird colonies.

Engaging More Men in Mentoring

A key factor in fostering the resilience of children and youth is the presence of at least one caring adult who holds high but reasonable expectations of them. In some instances, this relationship is formally facilitated by an organization in the form of mentorship. Despite the documented positive effects men have in the lives of children, the majority of mentors are women. Many organizations report having significant difficulty recruiting and retaining male mentors despite a growing demand. To date, virtually no research has been conducted in Canada to explore this issue.