Predicting climate change resilience of mine site reclamation in Yukon’s boreal region: from site and ecosystem classifications to biological response

Research problem: Reclamation practices in regions known to be undergoing rapid climate change must consider what adaptive measures could be implemented to maximize short-term reclamation success and long-term resilience of reclaimed sites. Objectives: I will investigate how a multi-scale ecological classification system can be used to predict regeneration success of different forest tree species at reclamation sites in north-central Yukon.

Investigating and Facilitating users’ participation in trading social networks

“Trustply Tech Ltd.” will control the overall users’ acceptance process using this research project in a step-by-step manner, rather than “trial and error” way of dealing with users.

Municipal Biological Nutrient Removal Bioreactor Upgrade Using Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR): Pilot Scale Investigation

Nitrogen and phosphorus are sources of eutrophication (e.g., “blue-green algae bloom”) in rivers and lakes. The bloom of blue-green algae can significantly affect aquatic lives and human activities because of the toxins that they produce. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce the nitrogen and phosphorous concentrations in municipal wastewater discharges. Conventional treatment techniques using activated sludge (AS) based biological nutrient removal (BNR) process often experiences system deficiency at low temperature (winter) and under increased hydraulic loads (e.g., snow melting events).

Non-Contact Laser-Based Vibration Sensor

The discipline of Vibrometery is wide and has many applications, vibrations are present in any mechanical system that involves moving components. So far, the main method to measure these vibrations has been the traditional accelerometer sensor, although it has its limitations and challenges.
Laser Doppler Vibrometers (LDV) were developed in order to address some of these limitations and they offer a non-contact measurement of vibrations by leveraging the Doppler shift effect.

Activity-based screening of DNA-Encoded libraries

Cell surface receptors are targets of ~50% of pharmaceutical and biological drugs. Still many of such receptors have no known therapeutic inhibitors because 1) the receptors are only active in cells 2) isolation and purification of the receptor is not viable and 3) determining activity of a potential therapeutic is complicated by binding that can lead to a productive (antagonism/agonism) or an unproductive response.

Intelligent Product Quality Assessment (IPQA) Toolkit

Manufacturing is a main component driving the successful economy in a society. In order to remain competitive in the global manufacturing market, product quality control is critical. High quality product not only expands the client base, but also enables just-in-time correction to reduce the cost wasted in defective products. The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent defect detection platform, which can be integrated with the existing production pipeline without major alteration or financial investment.

Building and supporting healthy educational communities: From kindergarten through university

Health and education have been shown to be interconnected and co-dependent. This research project will connect the work being done on Comprehensive School Health in the K-12 setting with similar work beginning in the post-secondary setting. Ever Active Schools has collaborated with school health teams for over 10 years (Healthy Active School Symposia - HASS). The data they have gathered from students, teachers and administrators will be an invaluable asset to the developmental process of embedding comprehensive school health in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta.

A Process Integration Approach of CO2 Sequestration to Marketable Products

The catalytic CO2 reforming process provides a sequestration alternative that holds promise for a viable solution for dealing with industrial gaseous effluents containing greenhouse gases CH4 and CO2. The process converts these gases to syngas (CO and H2) which can be used for synthesis for high value chemicals. The catalyst for the dry reforming process has been developed by Enerkem and is being scaled up by an industrial partner for implementation in an industrial sized reactor.

Hand Hygiene Tracking Prototype Development

SafeContact is a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) prevention and reduction Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company. We are tackling the global HAI epidemic by tracking the source of HAI spread using a unique technological concept in the marketplace. SafeContact is building a smart healthcare platform that combines traditional techniques with the latest advancements in technology: Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things devices, Big Data, and Machine Learning to monitor hand hygiene behavior for lasting impact on patient safety.

Reservoir Analytical Model Pattern Recognition

The proposed production optimizer uses production (rate, water/oil ratio, pressure) data, in either isolation or with geological data, and artificial intelligence to determine limiting factors in wells and fields. More specifically, the proposed production optimizer determines Original Oil in Place (OOIP), average permeability, permeability distribution, and relative permeability for wells and, by extension, reservoirs. This reservoir characterization information then is used to optimize the field.